DC: Month-to-Month sales for January 2007

by Jeff

Marc-Oliver Frisch writes “The list of DC Comics’ new launches for January 2007 was surprisingly short and low-profile. They were limited to the crossover miniseries Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predators, two one-shots paving the way for the third-stringer title Doctor Fate, and the Vertigo imprint’s latest monthly series, Scalped. While DC managed to place three of its January releases in the Top 10, the company was left with only one comic — an issue of the weekly 52 — cracking the 100,000 unit barrier, and only because there was a variant cover edition. Along with a growing list of absent major releases and readers quickly losing interest in the bulk of its recently launched and revamped properties, this resulted in the lowest average sales for DC Comics releases since March 2005.”

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