DC War Keys, Minor Issues: A Few More

by Daniel Hatch

War-Keys-300x157 DC War Keys, Minor Issues: A Few MoreI had a pretty good response to my piece on undervalued DC War comics, so before I go into the big keys in my next post, I thought I’d point out a few books that don’t get the attention they deserve in my opinion.

I want to emphasize that these books are tough in high-grade, so for myself, I keep my eyes open for mid and even low-oaaw112-188x300 DC War Keys, Minor Issues: A Few Moregrade copies. And if you aren’t already doing so, make sure you count the pages when you buy books. I just had to return a sweet Mlle. Marie cover because the center wrap was missing. This is the first thing I do when grading a book. There should be eight pages on either side of the staples for most Silver Age comics.

The first is Our Army at War #112. While it’s not a key issue, the Joe Kubert cover featuring the combat happy Joes of Easy Company is not to be missed. GoCollect has a 6.0 FMV of $280.

Early Easy Company Issues

The second issue I’d take a look at is Our Army at War #113. This is the first appearance of both Jackie Johnson, the first African-American character in Easy Company, and Wild Man. Both of these characters appear regularly with SGT Rock. This issue dates to 1961 and features both of the new arrivals on the cover. There are only 21 copies in the CGC census, so you may do better finding a raw copy. There is no FMV for this issue on GoCollect.

oaaw113-205x300 DC War Keys, Minor Issues: A Few More

Next up is Our Army at War #115. SGT Rock and Mlle. Marie? Yes, please. This Silver Age beauty only has 28 copies in the CGC census so again, perhaps scoring a raw copy is the way to go. No FMV for this issue on GoCollect.

So that’s three issues, practically all in a row that are worth keeping your eyes peeled for. What’s that? You’d like more?

An Affordable 1st Appearance!

Here’s an affordable first appearance, at least in mid-grade. Our Army at War #151, first Enemy Ace! There are 149 copies in the CGC census, so it should be a bit easier to find one of these. Dating from 1965, GoCollect has a $230 FMV on a 7.0 copy. Enemy Ace is an interesting character. His stories span both World Wars, eventually crossing paths with Rock and Easy Company. Hans von Hammer gets the Garth Ennis treatment in Enemy Ace: War in Heaven. Anyone read that? What’d you think? Let me know.

oaaw151-1-206x300 DC War Keys, Minor Issues: A Few More

Unknown Soldier Key

Speaking of issue #151, Star Spangled War Stories features the first Unknown Soldier solo story. His first appearance is back in 1966’s Our Army at War #168, but this 1970 issue is very attainable with over 170 copies in the census. It also features an Enemy Ace backup story. GoCollect’s FMV suggests an 8.5 is in the $180 neighborhood. I’ve got a mid grade raw copy in my collection.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the big first appearances in the DC War category: SGT Rock, Haunted Tank, Mlle. Marie and the Unknown Soldier.  Until then, good luck out there and keep your eyes peeled for the right DC war comics!

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