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by Jeff
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DC Universe #0
DC Comics
Morrison & Johns with many, many artists

Why am I reviewing this? Not for it’s content, really, but for its intentions of getting people psyched up for the future arcs. This issue takes a quick lap around some of the major hitters in the DC Universe to see what’s up for the next few months or year. Some of stories I was already going to follow and some of it I wasn’t planning on at all. This issue pulls me more in a good direction than a bad one.

This issue has a narrator and I’m not sure who it is. The press tells me it’s someone back from the dead, but I wouldn’t have guessed that from reading this issue. And to be honest, a lot of his narration went over my head. But when he talked about someone other than himself, it was helpful.

The issue gives a quick run down of the first two crisis stories and sets up the final one. I wasn’t planning on reading Final Crisis, but this issue made me not so sure.

The issue gives a rundown of Superman in the future. This also looked interesting and wasn’t something I was necessarily looking forward to. However, this story looks even cooler than Final Crisis.

Next up is Batman and the Joker. This scene is creepy and I have no idea what Joker is getting at. If this all has to do with RIP then I am thinking I can’t miss this, while before, I was on the fence about it. This section had my favorite art of the issue. The greasy Joker hair look is very cool. Batman telling him to “Bring it on” is also a memorable line from the issue.

Then we move to Wonder Woman. Well, it will take an awful lot for me to care about Wonder Woman as a solo series at this point. Her having a war with some men probably isn’t going to do it. However, for the die-hards out there they may like the story.

Then we check in on Green Lantern and Blackest Night. Dude, I’m sold already. Let’s get to it.

Then we have some Spectre. I haven’t followed him in a while and this story didn’t really peak my interest much more.

Lastly, some villain named, Libra, starts spewing some bible stuff and is trying to get the villains on the same page. The likes of Zoom and Captain Cold aren’t crazy about him.

This issue wasn’t entirely a trailer. In fact it was a teaser and in many ways it was a state of the union for many of the characters. Sure your favorites might not be in here, like Green Arrow or Plastic Man, but the most of the heavy hitters are in here.

Like I stated earlier, I had no intention of reading Final Crisis, but now that I have read this I am thinking I probably should. For something with a 50 cent price tag on it I would say it has done its job. To bad the press coverage made this issue into something it is not – which is a back from the dead story. If you can find a copy and are on the fence about any of the items or characters above just buy this and spend five minutes reading it.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

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