DC undoes CRISIS with a two month CONVERGENCE

by Jeff

ConvergencePromo_580_5457c4e6d9edc1.86400352 DC undoes CRISIS with a two month CONVERGENCEA much younger ComicList remembers reading and enjoying CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. However, one thing about that epic story bothered me then and still bothers me- the notion that the DC audience wasn’t capable of deciphering between the various alternate universes. Generally, we were able to handle and appreciate the complexity of the multiverse, and I never saw the necessity of smushing it all down to one universe and one Earth. As it turns out, the writers and editors were the ones who couldn’t handle the simplification, as they proceeded to make a hot continuity mess that really wasn’t resolved until the NEW 52 came along.

Ironically, to give DC time to settle down in their new California home, CONVERGENCE has been announced. DC describes it as “one of the most epic and inclusive events ever constructed. It touches upon every facet of DC Comics’ rich publishing history.” An anti-Crisis Crisis.

USA TODAY has the rest of the story:


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