DC Sales Charts for March 2008

by Jeff

Marc-Oliver Frisch writes:

For DC Comics, March was another slack month in the periodical business. More than ten ongoing titles were slated for cancellation across the publisher’s various lines, and numerous finite projects were in their final stages, with new ones waiting around the corner to replace them over the next several months. There were no major new releases in the DC Universe line of mainstream superhero titles in March, but DC suffered from late books again. With Action Comics, Batman and Justice Society of America, three of the company’s major titles failed to come out. The fact that sales of both the average DC Comics periodical and the average DC Universe periodical were the lowest they’d been in more than three years didn’t come as a great surprise, consequently. Over a five-year period, though, both averages remain slightly up.

At the publisher’s Vertigo imprint, which accounts for four of the ten titles due to be cancelled, writer/artist David Lapham’s ongoing series Young Liars debuted, while the WildStorm sublabel had the launch of two miniseries belonging to its troubled WildStorm Universe line of superhero titles. The average periodical sales of both imprints display massive losses in the neighborhood of 30 percent over the past five years. In response, Vertigo appears to be focusing more strongly on original graphic novels in the future, while more licensed and creator-owned projects are in the pipeline at WildStorm.

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