DC Sales Charts for July 2008

by Jeff

Marc-Oliver Frisch writes:

For the DC Comics’ mainstream line of periodicals, July was the most eventful month in ages. Although the company’s big blockbuster Final Crisis missed its July shipping date, the series saw its first couple of spin-off books with Final Crisis: Requiem and Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge. The popular “Batman RIP” storyline returned with a vengeance, meanwhile, and began spawning crossover arcs in the secondary Batman books. There also were a Justice Society of America Annual, Ambush Bug and Reign in Hell, as well as – just in time for the new film – a whole bunch of Batman-related specials and miniseries. And quite what on earth was going on with Trinity in July, we can’t be certain, but I’m taking a brave stab at an educated guess, anyway.

  c2b-foot DC Sales Charts for July 2008

As far as Vertigo and WildStorm’s periodical departments are concerned, the most notable thing that happened in July was probably the fact that three of their new releases failed to make the Top 300. In fairness, July was a month with five shipping dates for new material and an unusually high bottom line for the charts. But that’s happened before, and it’s never pushed any Vertigo or WildStorm periodicals off the chart until now. Vertigo’s average periodical sales continued to be stuck below 11,000 in July. At WildStorm, the latest Wildcats relaunch and an X-Files adaptation failed to get average periodical sales back above the 10K mark again.

  c2b-foot DC Sales Charts for July 2008

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