DC Modern Grails

by Mike W

Marvel_comics_logo.jpg.opt880x216o0_0s880x216-300x74 DC Modern GrailsHello everyone! I decided to do a blog on DC Comics. For the record, I really am a fan of Marvel and what they have done for comics. So, for this blog, I wanted to concentrate on DC modern comics, not specifically grails, but if you want to classify as such, then sure. The focus will be on the modern era of comics, starting from 1985 to current. DC has many fan-favorite characters with their issues highly valued. Sadly, many of these characters are from the Silver and Golden Age of comics. Whereas, Marvel has done an exceptional job promoting their old heroes with the new ones. Thus, their modern heroes have shown serious potential and gain. Anyways, Let’s dive into some modern high-value keys from DC.





The most obvious choice for a modern grail for DC is Batman Adventures #12. This is the first appearance of Harley Quinn in comic books. Quinn is known as the famous accomplice and girlfriend of Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. Many comic fans know that her first appearance ever was done through the Batman animated series in  1992. Consequently, Harley made her first appearance a year later in the comics.

Batman-Adventures-12-197x300 DC Modern Grails

Her ties not only pertain to The Joker. Her popularity has spread in the formation of other team-ups. She is part of the female villain trio group with Catwoman and Poison Ivy called Gotham City Sirens. There was a rumored movie for the group, but the project has been put on hold. Harley has recently been part of the live-action Suicide Squad in 2016 and will be back in the sequel next year. She was featured in the Birds of Prey movie along with other female heroes from DC.






One big reason it is considered a modern grail is because of the high value of the book. The fair market value (FMV) of a 9.8 graded copy is currently at $1,600. A 9.6-graded copy goes for about $650. It does not appear the value will be going down soon as DC continues to push her exposure through the comics and movies. Her high value is a result of her common appeal to fans as well as sex appeal for many male comic fans.

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20160803_HARLEY_Cv1_57aa5bc4b25f27.06732624-300x169 DC Modern Grails








As I was thinking of another expensive book during the modern area, it came back to Batman. Though, not the original one, but his successor, Terry McGinnis. Another modern grail for DC is Batman Beyond #1. This issue features the first appearance of  Batman Beyond. McGinnis takes up the mantle of Batman as Bruce Wayne goes into retirement. I know for fans there are many controversies on who takes up the Batman mantle, whether it is Dick Grayson or Damian Wayne, but for this blog, let’s focus on McGinnis. I am also aware of another controversy of Superman Batman Annual #4 concerning Terry McGinnis. We can save that for another time.

Batman-Beyond-1-197x300 DC Modern Grails

As the 90s dwindled for the Batman animated series, there were questions if Batman could do this forever. Well, the question was answered with his successor and the animated series that centered around him. The new Batman Beyond series would include a new set of heroes and villains in the DC mythos. His popularity has grown in the comics as there have been multiple volumes of the character. Now the talks of a live-action movie could be in the works, which would please fans of this character.






As with Batman Adventures #12, the issue of the first appearance of Batman Beyond is getting quite expensive. Especially since there have been many characters to take up the mantle of Batman’s successor, fans clearly feel McGinnis as the popular choice. The FMV of issue #1 of a 9.8 grade is currently sitting at $500.

Batman-Beyond-Alex-Ross-187x300 DC Modern Grails











The rumors I mentioned in the last paragraph seem to be fueling the spike in value. Also, fans are looking for the next modern hero to believe and invest in. DC has shown to be short of these characters, heroes, or villains.  Nevertheless, DC is looking for another hero to step up during these times and they would not mind it in being another Batman.

Batman-Beyond-Painting-192x300 DC Modern Grails










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Tony C May 26, 2020 - 8:55 am

Great article—one modern DC “grail” that comes to my mind is Swamp Thing 37 the first full appearance of John Constantine. I think DC may eventually circle back to Constantine; such a great character!

Mike W May 27, 2020 - 8:53 pm

I had swamp thing 37 as a possible grail. I have a high-grade copy, but I feel Constantine’s popularity is not there yet. Though, with Justice League Dark coming out, Swamp Thing 37 could get a good surge in value in the coming years.


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