DC Goes Back for Second Printing of Final Crisis #6

by Jeff

nov088149d DC Goes Back for Second Printing of Final Crisis #6


Where were you when the Batman died? I remember it was a cold day here in Portland, a normal day, and then I heard.

At first, I was surprised. But that shock gave way to denial. How could this happen? “There’s no way Bruce Wayne’s dead,” I said. When I finally got my hands on Final Crisis #6, I couldn’t believe it. It’s undeniable, our hero is dead.

This issue rapidly sold out on new comics day this week, and DC just announced that they are going back for a second printing of Final Crisis #6.

Make sure you order your copy soon! This issue has rocked the DCU, and I have no doubt that it will become a collectors issue.

Rest in peace, Bruce–you’ve paid the ultimate price while protecting Gotham.

Limit two per customer.

Have you read the issue? Are you still in shock? Let us know what you think below.

Author : Josh@TFAW

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