DC Finally Makes Superheroes Fun

by Norman Robinson III

100068_f395f84995b5656ded84063f9cc221813b4756a2-210x300 DC Finally Makes Superheroes FunShazam has been around almost as long as Superman. Back in the 1940’s, they were considered contemporaries during the time period. One little-known fact is that Shazam was actually more popular than Superman back in the day. Next year in April, Shazam will explode onto the big screen. DC usually goes with dark and dreary storylines that are exciting and full of action, but lacking in humanity. Up until now, DC was a darker universe than Marvel. It was as if Batman himself were picking all the scripts (you get the picture). This time they seek a different movie approach, having fun, and lots of comedy to lighten the mood. Trailers typically preview at San Diego Comic-Con. This year’s Shazam trailer was hilarious. It showed Zachary Quinto hamming it up in the Shazam outfit, and testing powers like a kid would do funny stuff. I suspect the comics for Shazam will explode in value. Can we use the wisdom of Solomon to decypher Shazam speculations?

Whiz Comics #2

Captain Marvel (Shazam) was the most popular superhero of his day. He outsold every other superhero in 1944. His book Captain Marvel Adventures sold 14 million copies (Wiki)! This continued until the end of the 1940’s. Whiz Comics #2 (1940) was the first appearance of Captain Marvel (later Shazam) created by Bill Parker(script) with the team of Beck, Costanza, Duncan, and Kinget working the pencils. The last sale of this book in grade 7.0 was $7767.50 on Heritage in 2015.

The returns are nothing short of Herculean for Whiz Comics #2. Every grade of this comic is positive across the board: (7.0) returned +44%, (6.5) positive results with +81%, and (4.5) surging in profits to +55%. If you can get your hands on a copy of this rare book, you are lucky. CGC Census only have 50 total books outstanding currently with CGC ranking and slab. This means purchasing a copy will be expensive. However with DC just beginning the Captain Marvel craze, it could be many years, and many more price increases until this book loses steam.

Shazam #1 (1973)

If the vaunted original first appearance is too expensive for your man-purse; then try on the Shazam #1 (1973). The first Captain Marvel in DC Comics since the Golden Age. This first Shazam appearance since the Golden Age was created by Denny O’Neil (script) and C.C. Beck, Nick Cary and Pete Costanza (pencils). There are still plenty of copies on the market to purchase; I found at least ten for sale of varying grades on eBay alone. Shockingly, almost all the returns were good. If you can own this book, do. It is probably the most underrated first appearance. If Shazam takes off into the sky with Zachary Levi at the helm as lead. These returns will definitely have the stamina of Atlas. Try to buy Shazam #1 (1973) with a high grade of 9.2, or above, or any grade below 7.5 would work. The average cost of a 7.0 is running about $70 FMV. The CGC Census on this book is huge with well over 2000 books recorded slabbed.

Shazam was once more popular than Superman. With humor and a light-hearted film can DC open a spot for Captain Marvel (Shazam) to dominate as he did in the 1940’s? You have an active catalyst with a fun movie coming out, and plenty of comedy for younger generations. This book could be a lightning rod for returns. In the words of Solomon, “wise men store up wisdom.” Wait until Dwayne Johnson shows up with Black Adam in tow, then things will get interesting. Before you buy this comic book; just once, yell out ( S-H-A-Z-A-M!). Who knows, maybe Achilles will endow your copy of Shazam #1 (1973) with ROI tenacity and drive returns into the clouds, if not, at least you will have a good laugh.

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