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by Ariel Lazo

o2qtVZRieyvqJfcKeeqQUg-1200-80-300x169 DC Fandome: Titans NewsDC Fandome recently concluded and if you missed it, you missed A LOT! Although not a huge fan of DC movies, I might have to change my mind with some of the reveals I saw. One reveal that I hoped beyond hope would come, did. Seeing Red Hood in live-action. Although he will only appear in the Titans TV Show, it is a start. But wait there’s more! Not only will we see Jason transform into Red Hood, but 2 more characters will join the roster as well. Missed the panel? Want to know more? Then keep on reading!


During the DC Fandome panel, we saw the cast discussing some new changes that will take place in season 2. For those who haven’t seen it or are binge-watching it, I’ll try not to ruin too much.

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So at the end of Season 2, we see Jason Todd, Robin, leave on a motorcycle. This had us wondering if he would ever be back. Well, guess what? He will but now as Red Hood. In addition to seeing Jason don his Red helmet, we will also be introduced to Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow and Commissioner Barbara Gordon.



batman_408-192x300 DC Fandome: Titans NewsRed Hood

Jason Todd is the second person to take up the mantle as Robin. Unfortunately, he met his demise at the hands of the fans, I mean Joker. To be fair the fans did call and vote to have Robin be killed by the Joker. As much as that stinks, it brought forth a new character, Red Hood. He goes on a spree against Batman for not avenging his death. He made his first full appearance in Detective Comics #525. However, his backstory was retconned in Batman #408. In his new back story, he gets caught by Batman robbing the wheels off the Batmobile. It shows one of the few panels of Batman actually laughing! Red Hood makes his first appearance in Batman #635. But the big reveal is in Batman #638 where Batman finds out that it has been Jason this whole time.


Barbara Gordondetective_comics_359-200x300 DC Fandome: Titans News

Barbara is the daughter of famed Commissioner James Gordon. She is also known as Batgirl, but who knows if she will reprise that roll in Titans. According to the producer Greg Walker, Dick Grayson, and Barbara will be rectifying the mistakes made by her father and Batman. Should prove to be interesting, to say the least. She first appears in Detective Comics #359. However, since she will be working with Dick Grayson, you may want to grab Detective Comics #369. It is the first team-up of Batgirl and Robin. Although Dick is now Nightwing, there still might be a team-up in the works.


Dr. Jonathan Cranebatman_189-197x300 DC Fandome: Titans News

Dr. Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow is one of the iconic villains of Batman and the Bat-Family. This deranged ex-professor uses toxins and poisons to instill fear in his victims. His first appearance is in World’s Finest Comics #3. However, the Scarecrow that we all love and fear come to fruition in Batman #189. As to what his story or part in the season will be is still up in the air. But I think if they cast the role right it will be great! Another good grab is Nightwing #50. Not only does it involve Nightwing but it is the origin of Scarecrow as well. I have high hopes for this character and the way DC is shaping up, it should be great.


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Titans Bottom Line

I have to say, DC Fandome really did blow me away. Not only are they bringing new characters in, but they are reinventing themselves in all aspects. From The Batman to Wonder Woman 84′, to even the video games. DC has finally stepped up their game. My hope is that this show becomes a springboard for future projects to be included on the big screen. Which if the panels are an indication they just might be. I say hope on some of these keys while you can because the way DC is going, these books will be in the Red Ocean very soon!

Hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions or comments feel free below!

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!


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