DC Comics reveals details regarding DAWN OF DC

by Charles LePage

Young heroes step up, Hal Jordan comes home, and Cyborg returns in the DAWN OF DC.

The press release follows:

Media Release — The year long publishing initiative, Dawn of DC, officially kicked off yesterday with the release of Action Comics #1051 from the superstar creative teams of Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Rafa Sandoval, Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks, and Leah Williams and Marguerite Sauvage. Throughout the year, fans can expect epic new storylines, superstar creative teams, and Super-Villains that will push the Super Heroes beyond their limits. Today, DC is announcing new creative teams on three upcoming Dawn of DC titles: Titans, Green Lantern and Cyborg.

MicrosoftTeams-image-29_63d0c7f4c04cf1.65177341 DC Comics reveals details regarding DAWN OF DC

The all-star creative team of writer Tom Taylor (Nightwing, Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent) and artist Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman: Historia, Earth 2) are bringing the Titans to the forefront of the DC Universe starting this May.

The Dark Crisis is over and the Justice League is no more. Now, a new team has to rise and protect the earth…TITANS! The time has come for the Teen Titans to grow up. Each member joined as a much younger hero certain that one day they’d be invited to join the Justice League. Now they’re not just joining the League…they’re replacing it! Are the no-longer-teen heroes ready for the big leagues? Danger lurks around every corner as Super Heroes and Super-Villains alike challenge the new team before they’ve even begun. Will the DCU ever be the same? Find out in this landmark first issue available on May 16!

Green-Lantern-Character-Design_63d0c8c1968207.00398435 DC Comics reveals details regarding DAWN OF DC

The visionary  team of Jeremy Adams and Xermánico (Flashpoint Beyond) present a tale of redemption, loss, and finding out that maybe you can go home again, in Green Lantern. Spinning out of the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Guardians of Oa at the heart of the Green Lantern Corps have quarantined Sector 2814, home of the planet Earth—and its champion along with it! A heartbreaking defeat has sent Hal reeling, returning home to rediscover his roots…and find the man responsible for ruining his life: Sinestro. At least if he’s willing to hot-wire a power ring to do it. 

Green Lantern #1 is available at local comic shops on May 9 and also features part one of the John Stewart Green Lantern story from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics) and artist Osvaldo Montos (Entropy)—a war journal epic begins anew.

Cyborg-Cover_63cf27d4b0d307.22218358 DC Comics reveals details regarding DAWN OF DC

Writer Morgan Hampton from The Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program joins forces with veteran artist Tom Raney (Green Lantern, Uncanny X-Men) to give Cyborg the Dawn of DC epic he deserves starting on May 16!

When a family emergency brings Cyborg back home to Detroit, Victor Stone surprisingly finds himself enjoying returning to the simpler life—where everybody sees him for who he really is and always was, rather than a larger-than-life superhero. It’s been a while since Vic’s been able to lower his guard and seek a purpose outside of being Cyborg 24/7. But a lot has changed in Detroit while Victor’s been away. An aggressive new company is turning the Motor City into an overclocked engine for revolutionary artificial intelligence…and no one knows better than Cyborg that technological transformation always comes at a steep human price! Fans can also get a preview of what’s to come for Cyborg in Hampton’s story in DC Power: A Celebration available on January 31.

Stay tuned for even more Dawn of DC news!

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