DC Comics Launches Blackest Night Website

by Jeff

may090106d DC Comics Launches Blackest Night WebsiteMedia Release — DC Comics launches the ultimate website dedicated to the most anticipated comics event of the year, BLACKEST NIGHT, headlined by comics superstars Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis!

Here’s where you can fully immerse yourself in the shocking excitement, as long-dead heroes and villains rise up to threaten not just Hal Jordan and his fellow Green Lanterns, but the entire universe.

Unearth hidden truths about each of the different color Lantern Corps waging a war of light, access character bios, watch interviews with writer Geoff Johns, check out the Green Lantern Graphic Novel Reader’s Guide, download the Blackest Night Checklist, desktop patterns, buddy icons and more.

You can even get up to speed by reading Chapter One of the storyline, BLACKEST NIGHT # 0, for free!

It’s the perfect BLACKEST NIGHT companion for both new readers and long-time DC Comics fans.

Visit the site today at www.inblackestnight.com.

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