DC Comics Future State Event!

by Mike W

justice-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!Last month, DC Comics announced an event to kick off 2021 with a bang! The event is known as Future State and it provides big changes for current and past DC character lineup. This event will last about two months, and it will start in January 2021. The publisher will be producing a combination of monthly and twice-monthly oversize anthologies and also a monthly schedule of miniseries and one-shots. This event will shake-up the fates of your current DC superheroes and see other heroes take their spot in saving the world! Some characters that will be affected are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Below are details on the event that DC is planning on releasing next year. I do still question if DC Comics will launch the event, despite the uncertain future of the comic’s department. Details of this event can be found here at DCcomics.com.

Batman Family:

bat-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!This event is in the future where Gotham is controlled by the Magistrate. This evil regime has the city under its control and has installed surveillance everywhere. In addition, masked heroes are not welcomed and Batman has been killed.

This event will install a group of heroes to save the city of Gotham! Rumors of a new Batman will be revealed and a  Batman-related team to assist in getting the city back in control. Could the next Batman be  Luke Fox? He has been rumored heavily in the past and maybe this is the time.  There is nothing confirmed if he will be the one to take the role of the cape crusader. If he does, be sure to be on the lookout for the comic that holds his first appearance. That comic would Batwing #19.


Superman Family:

clark-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!Clark Kent, the current Superman, is involved in an international crisis in the distant future that results in him unable to return back to earth. He travels to Warwold to start super-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!another adventure that could be linked to getting back home. Back on earth, his son, Jonathan Kent assumes the role of Superman. Jonathan acknowledges the fall of Gotham and decides to protect Metropolis in a very strict manner. This behavior causes tension between himself and Supergirl.





wonder-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!In the Amazon rainforest, it is confirmed that there is a  new Wonder Woman.  Yara Flor has been chosen to take the title once Diana Prince has carried for so long. The issue, Future State Wonder Woman #1 details the first appearance of Yara Flor. There are no distinct details on what happened to Diana, but I am sure it will be revealed in the upcoming comic series.




flash-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!

The characters of The Flash appear to be in all sorts of trouble. The story details Barry Allen being cut off from the Speed Force, while Wally West is controlled by some type of famine. This chaos appears to be caused by when these four riders of Apocalypse unleash hell to many core super-heroes.

lantern-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!


Other heroes, such as the Green Lantern, are in a dire situation with a dead power battery and Shazam makes a deal with the devil that changes himself forever. In light of this hint, I would assume this deal will impact the character in a negative way.


TO WRAP THINGS UP:aqua-195x300 DC Comics Future State Event!

All in all, DC Comics appears to have an exciting “game-changing” event in the works that would shake up their character lineup. I personally hope they go through it and try to mix up their comic titles and introduce new characters. With their current financial situation, let’s hope DC Comics can rebound and start strong for 2021. Bring on Future State!


FOOTER_Comic3-scaled DC Comics Future State Event!



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Dave Stevens November 29, 2020 - 8:37 am

yara flor already appeared in Wonder Woman Annual 4 = first appearance


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