DC COMICS Extended Forecast for 09/23/2009

by Jeff

SEP090147 DC COMICS Extended Forecast for 09/23/2009Updated shipping information for DC comics and products being released beyond the week of 09/23/2009, provided by Diamond Distribution and our friends at Things From Another World.

Remember, when you order any of these titles, whether here or at your local comic book shop, NOW instead of waiting closer to the release date, you save money AND you save the time of hunting down the issue after it sells out. To find a local comic book shop, please browse The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores.

Product Changes, New Printings & Variant Editions

  • The first issue of the BATMAN AND ROBIN has once again sold out at DC Comics. BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 will return in a new, Fourth Printing (AUG098009) featuring a recolored version of the original cover by Frank Quitely. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on October 7 and has a Final Order Cutoff date of September 17.
  • ACTION COMICS #881 (JUL090180) now will be written by Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates, with art by Pere Pérez.
  • ACTION COMICS #882 (AUG090131) now will have art by Pere Pérez.
  • SUPERGIRL #45 (JUL090187) now will be written by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka.
  • SUPERGIRL #47 (SEP090136) now will have art by Matt Camp.
  • SUPERMAN #692 (JUL090183) now will have art by Fernando Dagnino and Raúl Fernandez.
  • SUPERMAN #694 (SEP090133) now will have art by Javier Pina.

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