DC Comics Adds 100 Pages To The Absolute V For Vendetta

by Jeff

With the Vertigo classic V FOR VENDETTA set to be published as an Absolute edition in August, DC Comics is pleased to announce that this acclaimed title by Alan Moore and David Lloyd will be expanded by an additional 100 pages at no additional cost.

This new material includes all of David Lloyd’s silent art pages from the original comic book series, which were not included in the collected editions and have not been seen since the series’ original publication by DC Comics in 1988-1989. In addition, an expanded version of the sketchbook section from the hardcover will be included, as well as all of the back cover art from the original issues.

Along with these new pages, the Absolute edition features the improved production values and coloring from the 2005 hardcover edition for optimum enjoyment of the stunning art and story that the Portland Mercury called, “Perhaps Moore’s most powerful work.”

The ABSOLUTE V FOR VENDETTA HC (JAN090275) is on Final Order Cutoff on Thursday, February 5. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on August 19 with 396 pages and a cover price of $99.00 U.S.

JAN090275D DC Comics Adds 100 Pages To The Absolute V For Vendetta
Absolute V For Vendetta HC

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