DC Blog “The Source”: First Impressions

by Jeff

DC Comics, specifically Alex Segura, launched a blog at the official DC website called “The Source.” This is how Alex describes it:

Basically, The Source is your one-stop shop for all things DC Universe — news, previews, behind-the-scenes info and a direct pipeline to the creators and editors putting together your favorite DC Comics. Whether it’s a first look at an upcoming issue of FLASH: REBIRTH, a quick chat with BATMAN Group Editor Michael Marts, a preliminary sketch from our upcoming RAVAGER co-feature or a link to some of the great content happening elsewhere on the web discussing our stuff, you can find it all here on a regular basis.

What I liked: the blog certainly does contain news and previews you won’t find anywhere else. The announcement of Flash: Rebirth #1 selling out was first found there. There have been quite a few previews of comics such as Detective Comics #854, Titans #12 and others.

What I didn’t like: the posts that are nothing more than descriptions of and links to stories on Newsarama, CBR and IGN heavily outweigh the posts that feature unique and substantive news. While that may be fine for a smaller company like Bluewater Productions that needs to rely on any outlet possible, the number two publisher of comic books in the U.S. should find ways to either keep readers at their site, or, if they divert traffic to other sites, send them to places to buy comics. Which leads to my next thought: while all the information is valuable to anyone interested in DC Comics, nowhere on the blog or the site in general did I see anything guiding people to local or online comic book shops. Anyone visiting the site wanting to buy any of the comics or books described on the blog are on their own.

Previously, DC would email what they called DC COMICS DIRECT CHANNEL. It is a marvelous compilation of press releases, product changes, schedule changes, and the release schedule for the next three weeks. The last one I received was on March 18, #925. When I asked Alex about DIRECT CHANNEL being missing in action, he stated “(the) Blog isn’t replacing anything. Our DIRECT CHANNEL mailer will continue to go out to retailers.” However, I can’t find any evidence there has been a DIRECT CHANNEL since #925. I hope the blog doesn’t replace it, as they are very different creatures, and as someone who tries to keep track of release dates, DIRECT CHANNEL was a weekly blessing.

Lightbox or something similiar needs to be installed so that the preview thumbnails, when clicked, more easily display the full size graphics.

For now, The Source is living in the shadows of Newsarama and CBR. It’s my hope in the future The Source will post more fresh news and information and fewer links to other sites, and make it as easy as possible for readers to buy the products they discuss. And please, PLEASE, Alex, bring back DIRECT CHANNEL!

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