Dawn of the Darkhawk or Darkhawk á L’Orange?

by Michael Vlachakis

147652_49998eddeda396db42e3fae7554871650eda1665-197x300 Dawn of the Darkhawk or Darkhawk á L'Orange?

I made my declaration at the beginning of the year that I would stay away from modern comics.  So, I would like to take this time to write a blog about a modern comic that has been grabbing my attention…I know, I know.  Totally normal.  The ’90s were great and gave us gems like Cable, The New Warriors, and Deadpool.  I think we can even forgive all the weird Mountain Dew and Zima-fueled skimpy outfits, overtly jacked physiques, and gun obsessions that came with the comics of this era.  Let’s get extreme and take a look at the hero Darkhawk.

Darkhawk appears to be one of those comics that is a high-fascination for collectors.  I kind of remember Darkhawk from my youth, but I do not have a strong bond to the character causing me to need to collect everything Darkhawk.  I just said his name the most times ever…3…so I am looking over my shoulder to see if he appeared.  To me, he is like the Air Force when compared to the Army or the Navy.  Yes, he is important and some people swear by him being the best Marvel hero ever, but he is never going to be Spider-Man or Hulk.  Being introduced in the ’90s does not give you the relevance which your counterparts might enjoy.  Just be thankful that you are more popular than Slapstick, Nomad, and Sleepwalker!

Copies of Darkhawk #1 have been selling regularly and there has been a steady uptick in prices over the past year.  Fair Market Value (FMV) for a 9.8 currently sits at $120 and copies have sold on the market consistently for over FMV.  Being a comic from the early 1990s means that there is a newsstand variant that exists.  In my history, it can be easy to find a newsstand variant not defined by the seller and offered for the normal direct copy price if you are patient and diligent.  There are others trying to cash in on similar errors so you have to know what you are looking for, be knowledgeable about the current price points, and make decisions quickly.  All unsold copies on eBay are currently listed over $150 and any copy listed under that threshold seems to be bought off the market quickly.  This can be a great sign that a book may be on the verge of a price shift or, as mentioned, an opportunity to get a newsstand variant under FMV.

Darkhawk would be a great candidate for a television series or even a movie cameo to gauge interest in the character.  Darkhawk is an android from the Null dimension that switches places with the holder of an amulet.  We have seen powered beings go after ingots of power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) already.  Perhaps we are poised to visit Null Space and have an encounter with the Darkhawk.  It is a great alternative to Nova who is a similar concept of an Earth youth bestowed power to help be a force for good…and I am pretty sure that Nova is not going to be coming to the MCU, so we need to find an alternative to speculate about.

Do you feel that the character of Darkhawk would be entertaining on-screen?  Is there another 90’s introduced character that you are clamoring for?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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Ernest Alix February 13, 2020 - 8:46 pm

I like Darkhawk. I have quite a few issues and his Marvel Legends figure.

Jared February 16, 2020 - 1:42 pm

I actually had a mail order subscription to this book as a kid, so all 12 issues in my PC are newstand. Been thinking about submitting my copy of 1. And i am with you. I have issues 1-12 cause i didnt renew after the first year. Character has potential, but would need to be introduced with a team. Didnt he at some point join the New Warriors?


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