David Seidman To Teach Online Comic Book Course

by Jeff


Work in a medium that publishers and studios love!

You don’t have to draw to make a graphic novel. But you do have to know how to write comics, attract a great artist, find the right publisher, and work with all of them. This course will take you through the process from devising a proposal and writing word balloons to surviving Comic-Con International and handling Hollywood.

WHEN: Four weeks, November 3 – December 1; online chats on Mondays, 9-10 pm ET
WHERE: Online
LEVEL: Introductory
PRICE: $350

You will learn:

• The most popular genres, formats, and styles

• Techniques and mistakes of visual storytelling

• The care and feeding of artists

• How the publishing companies’ decision-makers work

• What they want from you — and what they don’t want

• The basics of comics contracts and partnerships

• The power and pain of self-publishing

• Marketing to the comics industry and the wider world


David Seidman is a comics writer, consultant, and publicist. He has written SIMPSONS COMICS, the nonfiction graphic novel SAMUEL MORSE AND THE TELEGRAPH, and the photo novel FANTASTIC 4. He was one of the founding editors of Disney Comics, where he specialized in discovering new talent. He has taught comic book writing at UCLA, marketed comics and graphic novels for Claypool Comics and NBM Publishing, and edited comics for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. He hosts a monthly networking dinner for Los Angeles’ comic book professional community.


“If you are really serious about getting into comic book writing, David’s course is for you!” — Monica Mueller
“David couldn’t have taught a more enjoyable and informative class about comic writing and the comic industry.” — Nancy Carlson
“I recommend David’s class not only for writers but for editors as well — he gives plenty of insight on what to look for in good comic writing.” — Shann Dornhecker
“If you want to learn about writing comic books or graphic novels, then you’ve GOT to take David’s course!” — Bruce Gordon
“David is great — he obviously has a passion to share his craft with others.” — Josh Gloer

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Visit http://www.mediabistro.com/courses/cache/crs4200.asp?c=mbs
Contact David Seidman at davidseidman@earthlink.net or 310-652-4369.
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