Dave Stevens’ final interview featured in BACK ISSUE #47

by Jeff

jan111417 Dave Stevens' final interview featured in BACK ISSUE #47Media ReleaseBACK ISSUE #47 features the FINAL IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW with the late, great DAVE STEVENS, in the magazine’s “Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” issue (84 pages with 16-page COLOR section, $7.95 cover price). Stevens (1955–2008), creator of the Rocketeer, died from hairy cell leukemia complications on March 11, 2008 at the age of 52. While his loss is still felt three years later, Stevens’ friend Kelvin Mao conducted a marvelously in-depth discussion with Dave just over a year before his death, and the heavily illustrated feature will finally see print when Back Issue #47 arrives in comic book stores and newsstands on March 9. Also, the film version of Stevens’ Rocketeer is discussed in a “Pro2Pro” interview with DANNY BILSON and PAUL DeMEO. Plus: The Phantom, Dominic Fortune, Man-God, Miracle Squad, and Justice, Inc. are also covered. The issue features art by and/or commentary from JIM APARO, HOWARD CHAYKIN, TONY DeZUNIGA, LUKE McDONNELL, MARK VERHEIDEN, and a Rocketeer cover by Dave Stevens himself. Back Issue is edited by MICHAEL EURY.

In anticipation of the issue’s release, TwoMorrows Publishing is letting readers download a FREE PDF PREVIEW of the issue at this link:

Click to access BackIssue47Preview.pdf

This preview features numerous pages of the DAVE STEVENS interview, plus a good sampling of the other various interviews, articles, and art from the issue.

Order the PRINT EDITION at your local comics shop, or get either the PRINT or DIGITAL EDITION online (Digital Edition is only $2.95, or get the Print Edition at 15% off, plus get a FREE digital version) at:


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BACK ISSUE #47 will be on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 9.

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