Darth Vader? How about the other “Darths”!!!

by Mike W

STWVADER2020_VOL_1_TPB-197x300 Darth Vader? How about the other "Darths"!!!Darth Vader has been characterized as the most popular villain in the Star Wars franchise. His appearance and unusual tone of voice fueled the terror in people’s eyes. Vader is a Sith Lord that relies on the “dark side” of the force to fuel his power and wield a lightsaber. A Jedi, which is their polar opposite, draws their power from the “light” side of the force and is fueled with happiness, not hatred. It is notable to know that Vader and Dark Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) are not the only Sith Lords in the Star Wars character lineup. In fact, there are some that you have never heard and I plan on discussing a couple in this article.

obi-193x300 Darth Vader? How about the other "Darths"!!!

Darth Maul

This Sith Lord has already appeared in the Star Wars movie franchise and is only notable to true fans of the franchise. Of course, the character I am referring to is Darth Maul. His first appearance is in Star Wars: Episode 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi #1. This issue is notated as the first appearance of Darth Maul in an original story. His first appearance in an official movie adaptation would be for a different comic.

Maul is notably known for his movie appearance in Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace and Solo: A Star Wars Story.
It is noted that he was not killed in The Phantom Menace movie. This was confirmed in the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series. Maul is a popular character in the Star Wars mythos due to his frightening appearance and double-bladed lightsaber. His popularity has grown as he appeared in other books, comics, and video games.

There was a slight rumor during the summer of an unannounced Star Wars project or for the character to have his own series. However, to this point, the trail has been dead on that speculation.

Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya

Star Wars Tales #24darth-193x300 Darth Vader? How about the other "Darths"!!! is a very prominent issue for Sith Lords. For example, this issue debuts the first appearance of Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya. Nihilus is an individual who has a hunger for power for the force that causes issues around people. It was said that his hunger was so devastating that it consumed the life of the force by his mere presence. Darth Traya is known as a female Sith Lord. Her path led her to be a Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate. Traya was a former Jedi Master named Kreia who would fall to the Dark Side. Eventually, the Triumvirate would consist of Traya, Nihilus, and Darth Sion. This alliance would nearly destroy the Jedi Order during the era of strife.



Lady Shaa and Lord Momin

shaa-197x300 Darth Vader? How about the other "Darths"!!!I mentioned above of the existence of a female Sith Lord in the Star Wars universe. Lady, or Darth, Shaa is known as the first female Sith Lord of the current Marvel canon of Star Wars stories, as the franchise has used the publisher, Dark Horse Comics in the past. The first appearance of Lady Shaa is in Star Wars: Darth Vader 22.  In addition, this issue also includes the first appearance and origin of Lord Momin. He is the Sith Lord responsible for building Darth Vader’s castle and also mentored Emperor Palpatine.  Darth Shaa is known as a female humanoid that wields two red lightsabers.



FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Darth Vader? How about the other "Darths"!!!

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T La Ross November 20, 2020 - 10:19 am

If you read Obi-Wan Kenobi #1, you’ll see it isn’t an original story. It’s the exact some story as the Phantom Menace comic with different art. Darth gets cut in half at the end of the comic because it’s the exact same story. Why do people keep reposting this on different sites? Read the comics.
The first original Darth Maul story is the Dark Horse Darth Maul #1 comic from 2000.


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