DARKWING DUCK becomes an ongoing monthly series

by Jeff

may100875 DARKWING DUCK becomes an ongoing monthly seriesMedia Release — Disney & BOOM! Studios announced today that, in response to tremendously positive fan support, DARKWING DUCK will be offered as a monthly ongoing series only from Disney & BOOM! Studios! DARKWING DUCK was originally solicited as a four-issue miniseries, but enormous fan support has transformed the feathered crusader’s limited series into an ongoing monthly series beginning this June!

To meet demand for DARKWING DUCK, BOOM! Studios will also be offering retailers an additional 3% reorder incentive for order increases until May 26, 2010 for orders received through Diamond Comics Distributor. Orders can also be made through Haven Distributors

“The fan response for Darkwing Duck has been amazing!” Says DARKWING DUCK writer, Ian Brill. “The fans wanted more, so we’ll give them more! Not just more issues but more adventure and more humor. After the first story, which will have big changes for Darkwing and family, we’re going to take the readers on an even crazier ride!”

Now there is no excuse to miss the long-awaited, much-requested return of your favorite… DARKWING DUCK. Once St. Canard’s greatest protector, Darkwing Duck was known the world over as “The Terror That Flaps In he Night.” In the first-four-issue arc, mysteriously, DW has not been seen or heard from in well over a year… and St. Canard finds that evil is once again on the rise. But when a nefarious plan threatens everyone, Darkwing Duck knows… it’s time for the duck knight to return! “LET’S GET DANGEROUS!” with Disney & BOOM! Studios as one of Disney’s most beloved characters makes a comeback in his own not-to-be-missed original series!

DARKWING DUCK #1 is written by Ian Brill (ZOMBIE TALES) with sensational art by James Silvani (MUPPET KING ARTHUR). The first issue ships with two covers in a 50/50 split by James Silvani and Magic Eye Studios with a 1 in 10 incentive cover by Jake Myler & James Silvani. This title ships June 16, 2010 and has a Diamond code of APR100836.

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