Darkseid Is… Coming To The DC Universe

by Robert D'Ottavi

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I have complained about it beforeThe New Gods movie is taking an awfully long time to hit theatre screens. Now sure, we are in the midst of a global Pandemic, but even before COVID, the New Gods film wasn’t exactly awaiting release. Of course, you can’t have the New Gods without the granddaddy himself, Darkseid. Well, with some recent news, is Darkseid (finally) coming to the DC Universe?

Darkseid Is… Coming To The DC Universe

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you would know that the Zack Snyder cut of 2017’s Justice League is very real, and it will hit HBO Max sometime in 2021. As a huge fan of the filmmaker’s work, this is genuinely exciting news. One huge criticism facing the theatrical version of the Justice League was how basic and empty it felt. The film was certainly missing Snyder’s dark and thematic ideas regarding the DC Universe, one of the films’ major selling points.

One character from the DC Universe who was heavily rumored to appear in Snyder’s Justice League was none other than Darkseid himself. Since the character’s conception in November of 1970, fans have longed to see the Dark Lord of Apokalips on the big screen.

On the 27th of May, Snyder dropped a huge bomb on his Twitter feed as he revealed our first look at Darkseid in the DC Extended Universe. The character, obviously, looks fantastic. This revelation confirms a few online rumors over the last few years, but most importantly, Snyder’s tweet reveals that Darkseid will indeed make his glorious live-action debut in 2021.

Of course, this confirmation has had me thinking: Should you (finally) look into investing in Darkseid keys? Unlike Thanos, Darkseid is a character I could see sticking around for the future of DC on film. In comic books, Darkseid has been a continuous threat to the DC Universe. Thanos really only had one major storyline (which has already been adapted to film).

Darkseid Key Issues

Darkseid’s comic book debuts (yes, he is one of those annoying characters who technically had more than one debut) are not as expensive as one would think. On eBay at the moment, his official debut – in Forever People #1 – is trading as a 9.6 for $890 (USD). If you wanted a 9.8, however, that is a different story. On eBay right now, a 9.8 version of Forever People #1 will set you back a little over $3,500. On the contrary, Darkseid’s other debut – in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 – is trading at a 9.0 for $770. Admittedly, you can certainly find cheaper ones floating about, I recommend looking through your local Facebook Marketplace.

While these prices are not too extreme, are they actually worth it? Personally, I think so. Darkseid is the big bad of DC. While the Snyder Cut of Justice League might not include him in a huge capacity, prices will go up following his debut. Additionally, I think we could even see a rise in sales for Steppenwolf’s New Gods #7 debut, considering the version we will see in Snyder’s Justice League will be completely different from the theatrical one. Folks, it’s important to remember one really simple thing: Darkseid Is… Coming to the DC Universe.


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