Dark Tower #7 FIRST LOOK

by Jeff

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #7 arrives in stores today, concluding the groundbreaking Marvel Comics adaptation of Roland’s Deschain origin, from Stephen King’s seminal Dark Tower novels! Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born is the series that has critics and fans alike buzzing like never before! Featuring the powerful writing of Robin Furth and Peter David, along with the incomparable art Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, plus creative direction from Stephen King himself, this star studded limited series concludes with a bang! Roland and his ka-tet have their final showdown with Eldred Jonas and the Big Coffin Hunters. When the dust clears, what will the outcome mean for Mid-world? Can Roland and Susan Delgado find happiness…or are they doomed?

“The really amazing thing about this book has been the great, welcoming reaction we’ve had,” explained series editor John Barber. “We knew the book was going to be great from the moment we started getting pages in—everybody delivered the best work of their career. Jae’s pencils, Richard’s paints, Peter’s dialogue, Robin’s plots—everybody was firing on all cylinders, so we were never worried about the quality level. We went out of our way—and will continue to do so—to make every issue a great piece of work in its own right, packed with extra features like maps and original articles by Robin Furth. So we’re really happy to see these issues sell so well. And this last issue has a full 35 pages of comic—PLUS extras.”

Critics continue to praise Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born the most talked about limited series of 2007. “Much of the series’ power has come from the near flawless way the talent involved has captured the look, feel and essence of Stephen King’s original novels as well as the overall air of mystery and surrealism that hovers over these early years in Roland’s epic saga,” gushed Dan Phillips of IGN.Com.

jun072115d Dark Tower #7 FIRST LOOK
Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #7

And fans of Dark Tower can’t afford to miss Dark Tower: Gunslinger’s Guide, featuring an extensive look at the Roland, his ka-tet and a guide to Stephen King’s beloved land of intrigue and action!

For more images and information on Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, please visit www.marvel.com/darktower!

Creative and Executive Director STEPHEN KING
Variant Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
Sketch Variant by JAE LEE
Parental Advisory …$3.99
©2007 Stephen King. All rights reserved


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