DARK HORSE: Amazing Mutts bookends!

by Jeff

Dark Horse Deluxe announces amazing Mutts bookends!

One of the most acclaimed programs in recent years for Dark Horse Deluxe, the merchandising division of Dark Horse Comics, has been the figures based on Patrick McDonnell’s charming newspaper comic strip Mutts, syndicated worldwide by King Features Syndicate. These figures, which include a PVC set, vinyl toys, and now a pair of beautiful bookends, are the first successful sculptural interpretation of these characters and were created by Yoe! Studio from original designs by McDonnell and personally approved by him.

A deluxe, high-end set of bookends is the newest project to take shape, and will feature the strip’s two stars, Earl and Mooch, reading books in a contemplative pose. The more considered approach, made possible through the use of poly-resin materials, has resulted in an item that will be a delight for bibliophiles, statue collectors, cartoon buffs, and, of course, so many casual readers who have made the world of Mutts part of their daily lives.

13671 DARK HORSE: Amazing Mutts bookends!
Mutts PVC Set

“The Dark Horse Mutts bookends are classic. They have an elegant look and capture the spirit of Earl and Mooch in a charming way” says Mutts creator, Patrick McDonnell. “As a book lover and comic-fan, I couldn’t be more pleased.”

These bookends, slated for release in April 2007 will be priced at $99.99. These bookends compare favorably with other such items offered at higher prices—no corners have been cut on quality control. Dark Horse Deluxe is currently soliciting advance orders for this heirloom-quality collectible set.

13669 DARK HORSE: Amazing Mutts bookends!
Mutts: Earl Vinyl Figure

The other Mutts releases from Dark Horse Deluxe, which are the Mutts boxed set of “non-phthalate” PVC figures ($14.99) and the individually boxed eight-inch vinyl figures of Earl and Mooch ($17.99 each) are currently available in stores or from darkhorse.com. To find out more about Mutts, please visit muttscomics.com.

For more information on these bookends or any other Dark Horse Deluxe products, please contact Jeremy Atkins at jeremya@darkhorse.com or Christina Stewart at cstewart@darkhorse.com.

13670 DARK HORSE: Amazing Mutts bookends!
Mutts: Mooch Vinyl Figure

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