Dark Reign Update XXV

by Jeff

170_drbutton Dark Reign Update XXVby Josh@TFAW

It’s that time again. We’ve got five Dark Reign titles this week! As always, we try not to give away too much in these recaps, but beware: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

may090469d Dark Reign Update XXVDark Wolverine #76 is a great issue. I was thoroughly entertained all the way through and it didn’t end abruptly leaving the latter half of the book to a backup story. Daniel Way et. al. didn’t take the lazy way out. They gave us one of the most intriguing issues of Dark Reign in awhile.

It amazes me how manipulative Daken can be. This issue leaves us wondering where Daken’s loyalties lie and guessing as to his true intentions. Will he cross Osborn, or is he setting the Fantastic Four up for a confrontation that they can’t hope to win. I’m hooked. We’ll see you here next week for Dark Wolverine #77!

may090475d Dark Reign Update XXVNot feeling this book. Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments (like stopping Venom cold in his tracks with a simple wave of her hand) but I’m just not digging this story or Lyra as a character.

It felt like All New Savage She-Hulk #4 just kind of ended. Plus, the last 12 pages were devoted to a backup story about A.R.M.O.R. and The Scorpion (no, not the Spider-Man villain). Yawn.

If you have been a fan, let us know how we’ve misjuged this book by commenting below.

may090454d Dark Reign Update XXVReed Richards finally has a moment of clarity in Dark Reign Fantastic Four #5 For the longest time, he’s thought he could use his unparalleled intelligence to solve the world’s problems, but we finally see him come to the conclusion that we won’t illuminate here.

Then he goes back to his pompous “I can fix everything” ways. I’m so tired of Reed Richards. I’m also tired of getting issues with backup stories at the end or “previews” of upcoming books. Please don’t waste seven pages in a book trying to sell me another book.

Whew. Lots to complain about this week. One thing that did save this issue for me was the interaction between Franklin Richards and Norman Osborn. Read the issue, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

may090489d Dark Reign Update XXVAvengers Initiative #26 was really entertaining. Sure, it’s B- and C-Listers mostly, but The Hood and Taskmaster are doing some good things with Osborn’s New Iniatitive…

…as good as two villains can do with training ex-cons to be super heroes. icon_wink Dark Reign Update XXV

I wonder where the creative team will take this book after Dark Reign is done with it. Check out Avengers Initiative #27 next month to find out for yourself.

Oh yeah, also, also a fun part was seeing Oregon’s team: The Force of Nature. Apparently we’ve got a giant “tree guy” protector. Help us Tree Man!

MAY090478D Dark Reign Update XXVMs. Marvel #42 is not only a Dark Reign issue, but it also kicks off the War of the Marvels. You see, Carol Danvers is back and she’s not going to roll over while Moonstone takes up her mantle. No siree, it’s time for a good old fashioned fight to the finish.

The art in this issue is fantastic. Sana Takeda is very talented and I’m glad that Brian Reed gave her some large panels to work with. Pages 4-5, 13, and 21 are of particular note. Truly amazing. Don’t judge this book by it’s cover, though. Spider-Man, Wolverine and Deadpool don’t make appearances.

Still, I can’t wait to check out Ms. Marvel #32 next month! How is Danvers going to take on Osborn’s Avengers Team on her own?

Thanks for reading! Did I miss the mark on an issue or two? Post your comments below!

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