Dark Reign Update XIII

by Jeff

by Josh@TFAW

We are back for another marathon Dark Reign update! We have seven, count ‘em, seven comics to recap this week, so let’s get to it. As usual, we try to be careful, but just in case: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092493d Dark Reign Update XIIIDude. New Avengers #52 is here, and the Hood? Has gotten real ugly. He’s cut a deal with a demon, and now he’s after Dr. Strange and his Eye of Agamotto. And this Eye of Agamotto, besides being used to hold up Dr. Strange’s cape (thanks, Spidey!), just happens to be one of the most powerful mystic conduits on the physical plane! I don’t know what that means either, but it was fun to see loner Dr. Strange–no longer Sorcerer Supreme and rather out of sorts–interact with the jokey, team-oriented New Avengers.

In other news, the Hood finally sees the face behind Madame Masque, and Spidey suffers a moral quandary over stealing. It’s much funnier than it sounds, and I am definitely looking forward to New Avengers #53.

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092515d Dark Reign Update XIIIThe creative team on Wolverine Origins #35 is doing a fantastic job. The art is top-notch, and Braithwaite’s Daken is amazing. Daniel Way has shed a lot of light on Wolverine’s past over the past few months, and this issue is no different. We get a brief glimpse into the making of the Muramasa sword, and a long-lost relative comes into play.

I really enjoyed this issue for two reasons: a) seeing the X-Men work as a team to wrastle the sword away from Daken, and b) the plot thickens! I am so freaking excited for
Wolverine Origins
. Will Daken undergo the Weapon X procedure? I sure as hell hope so.

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092494d Dark Reign Update XIIII was slow to warm up to the Mighty Avengers at first–and I wasn’t seeing a connection to Dark Reign, initially–but wow, Mighty Avengers #24 left me wanting more! The cracks are really starting to show in Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, and they’re coming from within the Cabal!

As those of you who read the previous issue know, the “Scarlet Witch” who’s been helping the Mighty Avengers is actually the goddess Loki–one of Osborn’s so-called allies! She’s making the Mighty Avengers into media darlings all over the planet, totally eclipsing Osborn’s Dark Avengers, which doesn’t make the erstwhile Green Goblin very happy at all. However, her ruse may be coming to an end. Quicksilver has joined the Mighty Avengers, and he’s bound and determined to get close to his “sister.” Mighty Avengers #25 should be a trip!

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092501d Dark Reign Update XIIIElektra Natchios is so freaking BA. Dark Reign Elektra #2 follows the most dangerous woman in the world as she attempts to escape the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier. She’s injured, but she’s still Elektra!

I don’t know who the ginger kids are on pages 21 and 22, so if you’re more in tune with the Marvel U than I, please let me know. Apparently, they have some sort of beef with her. The final couple of pages of this issue really got me chomping at the bit for Dark Reign Elektra #3. It looks like the new Hawkeye has been given the green light to deal with this security threat. See you next month!

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092511d Dark Reign Update XIIIIncredible Hercules #128 is a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. Of course, it’s Hercules, Amadeus, and Athena vs. a group of Greek gods vs. Osborn’s Dark Avengers–that’s bound to be interesting, at the very least. However, watching Hercules continually outfight the Sentry–with the help of some dirty tactics–was outright hilarious, and getting a little history lesson on the Gorgon girls was intriguing.

At the end, Herc and the gang turn the Dark Avengers’ need to be seen as heroes against them, and it looks like Hera has sniffed out a traitor in her midst. It looks like this is the last Dark Reign issue for this title–Incredible Hercules #129 starts a whole new story arc!

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092517d Dark Reign Update XIIIWe haven’t heard from the Kill Krew since they wiped out that town of Skrulls, but this week, they’re back in Skrull Kill Krew #1.

Here’s the lowdown. Remember when Reed Richards turned a bunch of Skrulls into cows? Yeah, it happened, and those cows got into the food supply. Anybody who ate the infected burgers gained shape-shifting abilities. Enter Ryder, a guy who’s yearning for a little payback. He’s the leader of the Krew and probably the guy with the most hatred for the Skrulls on the entire planet. I won’t reveal the big ending, but it has huge implications for Ryder! Great issue. Can’t wait for Skrull Kill Krew #2.

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update XIIIfeb092495d Dark Reign Update XIIIOh, Avengers Initiative #23. I might have to break up with you. You don’t hold my attention from one issue to the next, so I can’t tell if the writing is confusing or if I just don’t care. I’m just not down with superheroes equaling military units, and really? Building Camp Hammond in a town that was already devastated by superheroes seemed pretty dumb.

So yeah, there was a major plot development in this issue that could change things forever! I can only hope that this will make this title interesting or unique, but I’m not holding my breath. Avengers Initiative #24 is next. Whee.

How’s everyone else weathering Marvel’s Dark Reign? Are you excited, or are you experiencing fatigue? Let us know below!

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