Dark Reign Update X

by Jeff

by Elisabeth@TFAW

Whoops. We are laaaaate with last week’s Dark Reign update! Sorry about that. I had to duck out early to attend the truly spectacular Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle (look for interviews and such soon!) and then I needed a couple of days’ recovery time. Let’s just say karaoke and one-armed pushups are a little more draining at my age. But enough about me: let’s get down to it, and as usual: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092503d Dark Reign Update XSo Mockingbird and Ronin (the former Hawkeye) are back together in New Avengers: The Reunion #2–as uneasy partners, if not as husband and wife–as they try to intercept a dirty bomb before it kills millions of people. Mockingbird has chosen to take control of her own life after escaping from the Skrulls, and that means distancing herself from the Avengers and forming her own organization, the World Counterterrorism Agency.

Of course, the terrorism plot is just the background to the main story: that of the people underneath the costumes, Bobbi and Clint. Filled with flashbacks to their tempestuous relationship, we finally discover just when Bobbi was captured by the Skrulls–and a nasty surprise Clint wasn’t prepared for. This is interesting light reading, but it’s not really grabbing me. I was never a fan of Mockingbird or Hawkeye, and David and Alvaro Lopez’s artwork is too cartoony for me. Perhaps New Avengers: Reunion #3 will change my mind, but . . .

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092520d Dark Reign Update XThis is my favorite book right now. Deadpool #9 follows the Crimson Comedian on his quest to get his payday from Norman Osborn. Daniel Way really captures the wit of the character, and I’m pretty much in love with the creative team of Medina, Vlasco, and Gracia.

This month, the Taskmaster joins Wilson, and the Thunderbolts have two Deadpools to deal with. Plus: Deadpool makes some progress in his attempt to court Black Widow. Don’t miss out on the conclusion to this arc in Thunderbolts #131 later this month, and we’ll see you next month for Deadpool #10 when the Merc goes head-to-head with the Dark Avengers.

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092498d Dark Reign Update XNick Fury’s New Mutants–whoops, I mean “Secret Warriors”–are back in Secret Warriors #3. Nick Fury has discovered that HYDRA has been funding S.H.I.E.L.D. all along, and he’s gone underground to try to protect the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. facilities–or destroy them before HYDRA can get any valuable information.

In other news, Nick meets up with his off-and-on lady love, the Contessa, for a dinner date that includes witty repartee, drawn guns, and bitter recriminations. It’s interesting to see a (slightly) softer side of Colonel Fury. Meanwhile, the kids get into it with HYDRA and the newly back-from-the-dead Gorgon, and . . . well, you’ll have to read the comic. The end certainly piqued my curiosity for Secret Warriors #4!

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092502d Dark Reign Update XI don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that Reed Richards is the most pompous character in the Marvel U, but Dark Reign Fantastic Four #2 made me mad. Between Ben, Sue, and Johnny traveling through alternate realities, and Reed determining that he’s the key to the outcome of Marvel’s Civil War, this issue lost me.

Probably a pretty good issue if you’ve been an FF fan for awhile. All of the pages with Franklin and Valeria made this book worthwhile for me. Hopefully Dark Reign Fantastic Four #3 will be more enjoyable.

0c842b2b69939fd9135cda132c3792d5?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092516d Dark Reign Update XInvincible Iron Man #12 is the title I was looking forward to the most! Last we saw, Tony had taken to the seas, which means one thing: Namor is coming into play! We know that Namor, always an insufferable prig, has taken up with Norman Osborn. That, and his naturally combative nature, leads to a battle royale between him and shell-head!

Meanwhile, Pepper Potts is testing out her new Iron Woman suit, with surprisingly heroic results. I really like the fact that her suit was built entirely without weapons–it’s truly designed to protect and help others, which is perfect for Pepper. Of course, the best-laid plans can quickly go south during Dark Reign! I am definitely looking forward to Invincible Iron Man #13.

bb3dd94b1ab4274556a0c364901f7928?s=48&d=wavatar&r=PG Dark Reign Update Xfeb092508d Dark Reign Update XBlack Panther #3 picks up in a good spot. Ororo and the Queen Mother try to find a way to bring T’Challa from the brink of death.

Meanwhile, T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, goes on a quest to find a magical plant that will enable her to find the panther god. Sounds like an episode of Scooby Doo, but it’s pretty tastefully done. Also, the plot thickens as Wakanda’s enemies move forward with their attack plans. Great art in this issue, especially in the last few pages. Can’t wait for Black Panther #4.

So did you miss us? We still have this week’s Dark Reign titles to recap, so meet us back here tomorrow for more comics goodness!

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