Dark Reign Update VII

by Jeff

jan092481d Dark Reign Update VIIHey there, true believers! Sorry this is a little late–there was just one Dark Reign title this week: Invincible Iron Man #11. As always, we try not to give away too much in our Dark Reign “live blogs,” but just in case: SPOILER ALERT!

Tony is still on the run from Norman Osborn, and this issue leads him on a wild goose chase that involves an AA meeting and a run-in with ol’ Rhodey “War Machine” Rhodes! At the end, it appears that Tony has some sort of plan that involves deep-sea diving, but he should be careful–once you involve the ocean, the Prince of Atlantis is bound to turn up! You know who I mean.

Meanwhile, Pepper Potts is acclimating herself to her new “Iron Woman” armored suit. Fortunately, an old friend (or a digital version, in any case) is there to help her. And I’m not even going to get into what Maria was up to this issue–you’ll have to find out for yourself. It’s sure to spill over into Invincible Iron Man #12, so place a pre-order now if you’d like to save 20%.

So how are you enjoying this story arc? Is Tony getting his just desserts for his actions during the Civil War and Secret Invasion? Does anyone have any theories as to his master plan? Post your comments below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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