Dark Horse Salutes The Dark Angel, Bettie Page

by Jeff

FEBRUARY 2, MILWAUKIE, OR — In December 2008, the world bid a sad farewell to one of the most celebrated and imitated glamour icons in history. Throughout the 1950s, Bettie Page carved her own niche in the popular pinup photography industry by seamlessly melding her college-coed, southern-belle charm with some of the most risqué themes and poses of the day. Her trademark bangs became the unofficial badge of honor for girls in the rockabilly revival movement of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and her style still resonates throughout the world today.

15872 Dark Horse Salutes The Dark Angel, Bettie Page
Bettie Page Color Changing Mug
16222 Dark Horse Salutes The Dark Angel, Bettie Page
Bettie Page Leopard Mug

Dark Horse Comics has paid homage to Bettie and her good-girl-gone-bad persona for the better part of the past decade, producing over one hundred licensed products for Bettie Page collectors to enjoy. Continuing the tradition, this spring will see the addition of two new items to their extensive list of collectibles for the Bettie Page fan. Dark Horse attempts to bring the same sense of fun that Bettie herself brought to her photo sessions with two new coffee mugs, both featuring a photograph taken by world-famous model-turned-photog Bunny Yeager. The first mug depicts Bettie looking sultry as ever in her infamous leopard bikini with a background of tan leopard spots. The second mug features a variant of the same photo, with a twist. Bettie is wearing a black bikini against a background of blue leopard spots; when filled with a hot beverage, the spots fade to a solid blue background as the bikini fades to reveal a topless Bettie Page!

“It has been a real thrill to work with Bettie over the years,” Product Development head David Scroggy recalled. “While we have always had fun with her image, as Bettie herself did, we have also always treated her with respect and affection. Everything we have done to date has been officially licensed as well, as are these new mugs. I hope everyone who winds up with one of these mugs likes their coffee extra hot!”

Both mugs will be available at retail stores in May, with a suggested price of $12.99 (non-changing) and $14.99 (heat-sensitive).

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