Dark Horse presents new Star Wars series THE LOST SUNS

by Jeff

SW_LostSun Dark Horse presents new Star Wars series THE LOST SUNSMedia Release — Dark Horse Comics, in collaboration with LucasArts and BioWare, is proud to announce a new chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the comic series that acts as an invaluable companion to the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game of the same name. Featuring a story by BioWare’s senior creative writer, Alexander Freed, that runs concurrent to the game’s plot, The Lost Suns comes straight to you with new twists, a new mission, and a new hero!

“The Lost Suns is our chance to craft an Old Republic story we could never tell in a video game,” Freed relayed. “For readers familiar with the setting, the comic starts when the game starts and showcases events and mysteries key to the battle between Republic and Empire. For readers who’ve never heard of the game, we want to recapture the Star Wars® sense of adventure in a strange universe, where the stakes are impossibly high and treacherously personal.”

Featuring art from George Freeman (IDW’s Angel) and Dave Ross (Star Wars: The Old Republic—Blood of the Empire, Star Wars: Dark Times), with covers by Benjamin Carré (Star Wars: The Old Republic—Blood of the Empire), the five-issue miniseries focuses on a time of tense peace. Thousands of years before Darth Vader and the events of the Star Wars films, the Republic fears a second war with the Sith Empire, and only Theron Shan, son of legendary Jedi Master Satele Shan, will keep both sides at bay. He’s a spy, not a Jedi, and his newest assignment will be a true test of his skills! Find out in The Lost Suns if Theron Shan can discover the dark secrets behind the treaty that brought peace to the galaxy as he searches for Jedi Master Ngani Zho—thought lost in Sith space—while dealing with a troublesome thief, as a crew of Sith Knights begin to tighten the noose in their pursuit of Zho!

Providing key plot development for the soon-to-be-released online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Lost Suns from Dark Horse Comics premieres in June with an all-new story that helps unfold the actual events in the game! This unique tie-in series also marks the debut of the Sith Knights!

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