Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

by Matt Tuck

013023A-1024x536 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash KeysThere’s a report making the rounds that an action figure reveal for The Flash could have revealed the film’s mystery villain.

As CBR reported, the film’s subsequent toy line will feature a Flash variant clad in black and labeled “Dark Flash.” There are plenty of theories as to whom this could be, but most fans are pointing toward Black Flash as the movie’s primary antagonist. 

Black-Flash-art-2-271x300 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

Despite The Flash having been in development since Justice League first released in theaters (and nearly crashed the DCU’s Titanic) in 2017, next to nothing has been revealed about the plot. There’s a teaser trailer that is intriguing, but it’s heavy on the mystery. Supposedly, test screeners were given a look at the rough cut, and they reportedly said it’s phenomenal, so we can hope DC Studios has something massive cooking. 

As for the story, DC has said next to nothing. We know that it will revolve around Flash galivanting across the Multiverse, where he’ll run into Earth-89 and meet Michael Keaton’s Batman along with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Flash will also find another version of himself as we saw in the teaser footage. Aside from that, Ben Affleck will make what appears to be his final appearance as Batman from the Snyder-verse. 

Dark-Flash-action-figure-tweet-231x300 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

And that’s all we know about The Flash, at least officially. The Dark Flash action figure, however, adds a new level of intrigue, and it should have implications for these key issues.

FLASH #138

Flash-138-195x300 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

The build for the Black Flash storyline began with a tease in Flash #138. This version of the Scarlet Speedster is basically the living embodiment of death for those connected to the Speed Force. Essentially, he’s the one thing not even The Flash can outrun. In this overlooked Grant Morrison/Mark Millar issue, Black Flash appears for a glimpse in a mirror, thus serving as his first overall appearance, which will make it a key to own.

As far as graded copies, there’s been little movement over the past year. The last time a 9.8 traded hands online, it brought $170 on June 25, 2022, which was a significant leap from the $60 it earned that May.

FLASH #140

Flash-140-196x300 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

After another cameo appearance in Flash #139, Black Flash made his full reveal on the final page of Flash #140. In some ways, his many teases are comparable to Venom’s introduction, which leaves collectors with several buying options. While Flash #138 should be the bigger issue since it’s the first appearance, this one could get the ASM #299 treatment as readers got their first full looks at Black Flash.

The best part is that this issue has been so unappreciated that it’s hardly a gamble at all as just $30 based on the last time a graded copy sold online nearly five years ago. 

FLASH #141

Flash-141-194x300 Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys

This could be the sleeper pick of the day. After three cameo appearances, Black Flash made his first full and first cover appearance here. Again, this is reminiscent of how Venom was introduced, and we all know which of his firsts is the most coveted. An argument could be made that Black Flash’s debut is similar to Wolverine’s with a final page reveal followed by the classic cover art and full story. 

We haven’t seen a 9.8 sold online since one went for $160 in 2021. So far this year, the highest grade sold has been the 9.6. After bringing $170 in August 2022, that price dipped to the more realistic $75 when the next copy swapped hands in January.


The Dark Flash figure would appear to be another name for Black Flash, but we can’t assume it’s a foregone conclusion. Look at Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and its wave of Marvel Legends figures. While most of the toys were based on characters from the movie, Sleepwalker had a figure but was not part of the film. ‘

For all we know, Dark Flash may not be in the movie. If he is, he could be simply an evil version of Barry Allen or possibly a vision of an alternate dimension. As fascinating as this development could be, don’t count the old proverbial chickens before they hatch.

Upgrade2_Footer Dark Flash Action Figure Sparks Hunt for Black Flash Keys*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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