Daredevil was Torpedoed!

by Norman Robinson III

127188_8ccdbf9c5ff7f5b69a8912774db1d08e4c53bd47-193x300 Daredevil was Torpedoed!I cannot say enough about how wrong it was for Netflix to cancel Daredevil. Three seasons of eloquence and thoughtful writing on a character who has had very little air time since conception in the 1960s. Now finally, in my late forties, I get to see the Daredevil we all know and love play out on the screen without Bat-Fleck ruining it; and then the Netflix corporate cannibals cancel the show! According to several media sources the cancellation came from Netflix, not Disney. This is a small ray of sunshine and hope that Daredevil will yet live again. Though honestly, I think Charlie Cox’s portrayal was brilliant it is not clear if that can translate to movie success. I believe he is the only one who should play Daredevil in the foreseeable future. In my humble opinion, this is a shot at the upcoming streaming service that Disney is going to offer. Now, Netflix has their own production companies for multiple series and they are quite successful; why hold on to Disney properties and support them?  Once the existing seasons were done, they closed down the Marvel stuff like shuttering a cheap taco truck on the corner.  But what does canceling one of the best superhero series in existence net comic book speculators? Right now, Daredevil series one has gone up in value substantially but it is still relatively cheap. When we get to maybe Captain Marvel’s première date that might be a good time to buy some extra Daredevil on the cheap.

Daredevil #126

This is the first appearance and the death of the original Torpedo and the first appearance of new Tornado, Blake Tower and Heather Glenn. The comic book Daredevil #126 is a series #100 through #200 you can take your time purchasing and should be looking to buy the highest quality. The current value for (9.8) mint grade in this book is $167.50 (eBay 9/6/15). But if that is too expensive for the Torpedo character first appearance then purchase an (8.5) for around $20. The great news is there are only 64 of these books in CGC Census which means it has plenty of room to run. This comic was created by Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane in 1975, the age of variety. The returns on a (9.6) have been decent with positive +34.8% ROI.

Daredevil #168

In this media-frenzied world, women are taking center stage like never before. I love it. More the merrier, and I think it will produce some amazing performances especially in the comic book genre. One very strong woman that would have her own show in a heartbeat is Elektra. Actually, her portrayal in the series and the original movie was pretty good. It happened long before the Iron Man craze hit the movies. She had to stand on her own and the character and actress did just that. The series Elektra is even hotter, almost scorching with Elodie Yung playing a crazy Elektra. Therefore with Daredevil being canceled, I think Marvel might choose Elektra as an alternative startup series; if that is the case her first appearance in Daredevil #168 will increase in value. Daredevil’s Elektra was created by Frank Miller this book also has her origin story as well. The current value for a mint condition first appearance is $1250 FMV for the grade (9.8). The returns on this book are especially delightful in grade (8.0) with a positive +52.9% ROI. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has been Torpedoed and his series is gone but his comics remain. Pick up these books in 2019 before they announce the continuation of Daredevil on Disney Streaming, or better yet a Daredevil movie extravaganza.


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