Daredevil Supporting Cast: Bullseye, The Hand, Stick

by James Jou

127716_0403b0adc31e75c9ae7b6c796e9685d653ba3acb-1-e1573539868511-205x300 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, StickHere we examine the current market for some of Daredevil’s supporting cast such as Bullseye, the Hand, and Stick. On a random Daredevil returning to Marvel Studios thought, with Bullseye having already checked suiting up as Daredevil off his list, perhaps Hawkeye is next? This could help be a lead-in to the Dark Avengers.



DAREDEVIL #131 (1976)

Bullseye, one of Daredevil’s greatest nemeses, made his 1st appearance in Daredevil #131, in which he attempts to make a name for himself by publicly defeating the Daredevil… in a circus. A cross-section of the top 12.7% and 41.1% of the census is shown below with sales of CGC 9.6 and 9.2, respectively.

bhs_2b-300x180 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, Stick bhs_1a-300x180 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, Stick

Since 2013, the market for Daredevil #131 experienced two notable peaks with an overall upward trend. The most recent peak is a result of the inclusion of Bullseye into Season 3 of the Daredevil series; and the associated speculation and selloff. Despite the increased volatility surrounding these two peaks, the low end of the book’s price range is on a slow trend upwards. To reiterate, the price range at any given short timeframe is indeed very wide; it’s as much as a $120 range for 9.2. With that volatility in mind, the good news is that Daredevil #131 could be a good long-term hold, provided you can acquire it closer to the lower end of its price range, which at the moment is ideally closer to the 2016/17 lows.



133743_36781b44434d7daa5b82c070bc28969f66693b37-194x300 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, StickDAREDEVIL #174 (1981)

The notorious criminal organization called the Hand first appeared in Daredevil #174, along with their deadly members such as Kirigi and the Jonin. Compared with Bullseye, the market has deemed the popularity of the Hand to be far lower on the villain pecking order; with a comparatively low volume of sales and lower sales prices for Daredevil #174. There isn’t much in terms of a long-term trend, but rather, there appears to be a hard resistance in the form of a price ceiling at the $150-175 level. It would be best to try and sell close to this resistance level and reinvest into a book without this speedbump. Sales for Daredevil #174 in CGC 9.8 is shown below.

bhs_3c-300x180 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, Stick

One interesting point of note for the book is that newsstand editions used to sell noticeably higher than the direct edition, but more recently, there’s no difference with sales of each edition regularly occurring above and below each other. With a 1981 release date, Daredevil #174 is at the head of the newsstand vs direct sales change, which should carry greater weight to rarity for the direct version; this hasn’t translated to a clear premium for it in either scenario.



133913_398248e9d8599d1445dde8e911b6c2142d625bf7-194x300 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, StickDAREDEVIL #176 (1981)

The first appearance of Stick, Daredevil’s mentor and leader of the Chaste, occurred in Daredevil #176. On a side note, Stick’s real name has yet to be revealed; one of life’s great mysteries. Also in the same issue is the death of Kirigi (just a short two months after his first appearance).

Of the Daredevil supporting characters and their key books examined here, Daredevil #176 has the worst long-term investment outlook. Coupled with the very low volume of sales are a continuous slide of its sales prices, lower lows, and lower highs. Daredevil #176 is a definite sell. Below are sales for Daredevil #176, graded CGC 9.6 representing the top 46.9% of the CGC census.

bhs_4d-300x180 Daredevil Supporting Cast:  Bullseye, The Hand, Stick



“Fly you beautiful bastard!” – Bullseye



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