Daredevil Born Again Premium Hardcover REVIEW

by Jeff
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Daredevil: Born Again, the seminal, legendary story by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, starts off in the thick of the action and doesn’t stop, ripping through Daredevil issues #227 through #233, taking the reader on a searing, gut-wrenching ride that’s provoking and thoroughly entertaining. It makes you question: what makes a hero? What makes a friend? A lover? An honorable man? A patriot? How low can a man (or woman) be taken (or take himself) and still survive? When there’s no hope, no fear, what’s left in the ashes?

nov082451d Daredevil Born Again Premium Hardcover REVIEW

I was introduced to this story arc by a good friend last year, and just picking up the Daredevil: Born Again premium hardcover edition sent a chill up my spine. This is no Ben-Affleckted trope. It’s a true classic, a story that makes me remember why I love Frank Miller. Want to give yourself a treat? After you read it the first time, go through again and check each title page of the first six issues. Apocalypse. Purgatory. Pariah! Born Again. Saved. God and Country. Each page is a beautifully crafted portrait of Matt Murdock, the man who would be Daredevil, and a snapshot of his journey to hell and back.

Karen Page, Murdock’s former girlfriend, sells Daredevil’s secret identity for a fix. Matt Murdock, his cover blown, finds his life–and sanity–blown apart by the Kingpin in a matter of days, without friends, money, housing, or even his costume. And Ben Urich, reporter, allows himself to be scared away from a story, throwing away his integrity like a small, desperate animal. The individual journeys of these three characters snake throughout the narrative, intersecting in a truly satisfying way that feels real, with very few traditional “superhero” trappings.

In addition to issues #227 through #233, the Daredevil: Born Again premium hardcover edition includes Miller and Mazzuchelli’s lead-in, issue #226, as well as a cover gallery, layouts, and the script to issue #233. It’s a beautiful collector’s piece that would be at home in any Daredevil fan’s library.

Has anyone else out there read it? Do you plan to? Post your comments below!

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