Daredevil #131: Bouncing Bullets

by Norman Robinson III

127716_0403b0adc31e75c9ae7b6c796e9685d653ba3acb-194x300 Daredevil #131: Bouncing BulletsHave you seen Netflix’s Daredevil Season 3? Truly an epic storytelling, packed with action, betrayal, Catholic guilt, drama,  the F.B.I., serial killer sensibilities, and one heck of a first appearance of the one n’ only, Bullseye. In the comics, this masked killer haunted, stalked and ultimately killed Daredevil’s girlfriend, as well as his sanity. Eventually, Daredevil learns how to counter Bullseye’s bouncing bullets, but not before the body count rises. I wondered, how Marvel was going to show this in a Marvel Netflix series? After all, how do you show this maniac killing people with household objects and not have it look ridiculous? Well, Daredevil the Series found a way and man-o-man does that make for exciting television. The Netflix series does a great job and bodes well for those of us that were Daredevil fans back in the day, and now are Daredevil speculators by night.

Daredevil #131

The first appearance of Bullseye was in Daredevil #131. This master of skill and combat, Bullseye, could probably survive in the DC universe but fits in perfect in Marvel UniverseThe incomparable Marv Wolfman (writing) and Rich Buckler (art) created this marvelous maniac, Bullseye. He appeared in March 1976 in Marvel Comics. Forty plues years ago Jimmy Carter defeated the Gerald Ford for the Presidency of the United States, both honorable men. Nasa launched Enterprise which flies for the first time. Elvis died at 42, and the mega-hit Star Wars breaks all previous box office records. It was the Seventies and serial killers were in the news, naturally why not create one that takes on Ole Hornhead? Daredevil #131 has an FMV of $2600 in mint condition (9.8). But you can still pick up this key book cheap (7.0) grade for about $110. For a book forty-one years old and a big key, this makes a very cheap buy. I estimate if they don’t kill Bullseye in this season he will have a ton more fans next season. I can see this thing going an easy eight seasons. Charlie Cox is Daredevil at this point, just like the Iron Man actor Robert Downey is Tony Stark. Why not enjoy the ride and cash in!

The returns for Daredevil #131  have returned a baton busting positive +144.6% in grade (5.5). That grade book recently sold for $140.15 on eBay in October. Even near mint has returned positive +67.5% for (9.8) graded book. Add to all of this the current outstanding CGC Census books at 1961 and you have room to run with a continuing great return on a fresh character revised from the 1980’s. In fact, the depth of the returns is green (positive) in every grade of the total of 10,000 books analyzed (GoCollect).

Don’t be blinded by the big show stoppers like Venom, Spawn, or even Captain Marvel. Daredevil has staying power and a story that doesn’t quit. Daredevil #131 has as many weapons in his arsenal as he has super-sensory powers. This comic book is a ton of great investment criteria: Bronze Age book, limited CGC Census supply, lower entry-level cost, great returns for the long-term, and the catalyst of a Netflix Daredevil series that just gets better every season. Walk into your local comic shop, use your radar-sense and find this Bronze Age Daredevil #131.

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