Dan Mazeau Writing A FLASH Movie Script

by Jeff
0AFB02CD-AE2E-4BD2-90E0-A01F1ABEF3F3 Dan Mazeau Writing A FLASH Movie Scriptclipped from www.iesb.net

IESB has exclusively learned that his Jonny Quest script is so highly regarded that in fact WB has decided to give Mazeau a crack at THE FLASH!

We’ve double checked with multiple sources and can say with 100% certainty that Mazeau is currently writing a script for the lightening fast superhero.

IESB: How does Dan Mazau’s new draft of The Flash compare to previous drafts developed in the past?

Chuck Roven: You know, the problem… It’s not only a problem, I can’t really give you any information about The Flash. I can’t even confirm that Dan is on it. What I’m saying is, probably for about the last six months or so, the decision was made to really kind of, unless there was a DC character project that was ready to be green lit, to just not talk about it. So there’s nothing really that I can talk about at the moment.

  c2b-foot Dan Mazeau Writing A FLASH Movie Script

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