D23 Market Reaction – Werewolf by Night – Part 1

by Douglas Ohlandt

091422B-1024x536 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1We’re back with more market reactions to the reveals at Disney’s D23 event on Saturday, September 10. This time around, we’re looking at keys related to the Werewolf by Night Halloween Special. So wide-reaching were the implications of this news that we’ve had to split this blog in two so you get full coverage. Get ready for a frighteningly good time.

The MCU’s First Holiday Special

wbn_teaser-203x300 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1

Nothing that was showcased at D23 had as broad an impact on the comic collecting market as the release of the Werewolf by Night trailer. From Jack Russell himself to Elsa Bloodstone to our first look at the Man-Thing in the MCU, comic fans were seeking keys to add to their collections. We’ll look at them in order, knowing that we’re just scratching the surface and that additional keys could arise as we learn more about the plot of the special.

Werewolf by Night First Appearance

MarvelSpotlight2-199x300 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1

Jack Russell first appeared as the Werewolf by Night in Marvel Spotlight #2, cover dated February 1972. We saw a slight uptick in sales for this book with 11 graded copies selling since Saturday. This is a comic that has been on collectors’ radar for a while now, and anticipation was great that we would see something at D23, knowing that there wasn’t much time left before the special was scheduled to be released.

While no records were set, many sales are coming close to the high mark; and it’s not as if the highest price for each grade came a year or two ago. In many instances, the high was set just within the past few months.

Werewolf_and_cop-300x223 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1

Take the 9.2 grade as an example. One sold on Monday for a slashed $2,800, just 6.5 percent below the high of a slashed $2,995 that had been set on September 1. Fans have been drooling at the prospect of Marvel monsters coming to the MCU. Now that they’re nearly here, collectors are driving prices upward for this key. Don’t be shocked if higher prices are still to come.

MarvelSpotlight3-204x300 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1

Failing to move yet in the market, however, has been Marvel Spotlight #3, Werewolf by Night’s second appearance. Prices are down in all grades for this book. You could mark this a buying opportunity; collectors will gravitate toward a second appearance if prices for the first appearance reach beyond their own personal threshold.

First Issue for the Werewolf

WWBN1-200x300 D23 Market Reaction - Werewolf by Night - Part 1

Like many Marvel characters from the Silver and Bronze Ages, Werewolf by Night later earned his own series after a successful debut in another comic book series. Well, in this case, it wasn’t too long a wait. Werewolf by Night #1 hit newsstands later in 1972 with a cover date of September.

There have only been three sales since Saturday. However, one of them was interesting. A 1.5 graded copy sold for $150 in a fixed price eBay sale on Monday. It marks the first time a sub-2.0 graded copy has sold in the market. When collectors are willing to shell out anything at all for really low grades of key books, it’s typically a sign that demand is high. Keep an eye on higher grades to see how they react over the coming weeks.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more market reactions to Werewolf by Night and how the upcoming special is affecting Bloodstone and Man-Thing keys.

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