D23 Impact: Werewolf by Night #32

by Matt Tuck

Werewolf-by-Night-32-195x300 D23 Impact: Werewolf by Night #32Not that Moon Knight’s first appearance wasn’t already pricey, but last month’s D23 announcement has sent Werewolf by Night #32 into a new solar system as even the mid-grades are moving toward the $1,000 mark.

Since the August 23 Marvel presentation at D23, sales for Werewolf #32 have blistered the market. Of all 14 grades that have sold since that date, 11 have set new record highs. 

Starting at the top, the 9.4, 9.2, and the 9.0 all established new records. The 9.4 brought $5,300 on August 23, while the 9.2 most recently sold for $3,350 on September 17. The 9.0 likewise is in the $3k range after one went for $3,100 on August 24.

The 8.5 and the 8.0 grades both stayed within their 90-day averages of about $1,800 and $1,650, respectively, but the 7.5 skyrocketed to $1,660 on August 25. Then there’s the 7.0, which set its new high of $1,305 on August 26.

moon-knight-logo-1184414-1280x0-300x169 D23 Impact: Werewolf by Night #32Getting into the mid-grades, the 6.5 jumped to a new high of $1,200 on August 30 and has since consistently sold in the $900 range. The 6.0 isn’t far behind as two graded copies earned $1,140 each on August 23. 

Of all the grades selling for massive amounts, the 5.5, 5.0, and the 4.5 were the most impressive. On the day of the D23 announcement, a 5.5 sold for $900, but that was eclipsed when another at that same grade brought $965 on September 2. Even the 5.0 is pushing toward quadruple figures as its new high reached $900 on August 24. Although not edging into $1k territory, the 4.5 sold for $695 on September 7 before reaching a new high of $750 on September 17. Surprisingly, the 4.0 brought a higher price when it sold for $850 on August 28.

The low grades are feeling the effects as well. The 3.0 didn’t set a new record, but it has sold for over $500 in its two sales this month, and that should tell you how hot this comic has gotten.

Clearly, these record-setting figures were all the result of the D23 aftermath.

Werewolf-by-Night-32-page-1-1-212x300 D23 Impact: Werewolf by Night #32

Back in August, Marvel Studios announced several additions to its Disney+ streaming service. The news sent shock waves through the comic community, arguably more so than the movie reveals at San Diego Comic-Con a month prior. 

With the excitement for the plethora of characters making their MCU debuts, their key issues have gotten a huge boost from D23, but none of the new shows have fans as excited as Moonknight. Of course, he’s been rumored to have his own series or movie for years now. It seems that almost every phase of the MCU brought another report of his impending arrival. Up until now, it was just one dashed hope after another for the Moonknight fans. That’s why August’s confirmation of him making his live-action debut made such an impact on the comic community – it’s been a long time coming. 

As we have seen before when it comes keys getting a live-action boost, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Once Marvel announces casting choices, villains, and drops a trailer, all those Moonknight fans and investors will pay even more ridiculous prices for Werewolf #32. Until then, this comic will keep ascending into new territory. 

FF-45-197x300 D23 Impact: Werewolf by Night #32LEST WE FORGET: THE CRASH OF FANTASTIC FOUR #45

I’ll wrap this up with a word of caution: depending on the quality of the series, these prices may not hold up in the long run. I will follow up with more details, but don’t forget that the first appearance of the Inhumans was at an all-time high leading into their series premiere. Then the show was a bust, and most grades for Fantastic Four #45 crashed virtually overnight. Will this happen to Moonknight? Time will tell.






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