Critically acclaimed TWISTED ROMANCE TP collects issues #1-4

by Jeff

JUN180087 Critically acclaimed TWISTED ROMANCE TP collects issues #1-4Media Release — The TWISTED ROMANCE miniseries—from critically acclaimed writer Alex de Campi (NO MERCY, Bad Girls, Judge Dredd) and a wealth of gifted artists, cartoonists, and prose writers—will be collected in trade paperback and available this September.

Featuring the talents of Katie Skelly, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Carla Speed McNeil, Trungles, Sarah Horrocks, Magen Cubed, Meredith McClaren, Vita Ayala, Margaret Trauth, Jess Bradley, Sarah Winifred Searle, and Naomi Salman, TWISTED ROMANCE is a romantic anthology from well off the boring, beaten path. Demons prowl the ’70s New York disco scene. Humble creative assistants fall for movie stars. Space captains spar with frustratingly handsome pirates. Princesses run away with dragons. And much, much more.

Within these pages, readers will find comics stories of love and lust, steamy prose, and comics shorts from—and for—all walks of life.

TWISTED ROMANCE (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0753-7, Diamond code: JUN180087) hits comics shops on Wednesday, September 5th and bookstores on Tuesday, September 11th. It can be preordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo.

Select praise for TWISTED ROMANCE:

“TWISTED ROMANCE is a devastatingly sexy comic.” —io9

“Original and really fun.” —All-Comic

“The whole package will make you wish this series could come out every week forever.” —Vulture

“TWISTED ROMANCE is in the best tradition of bold, experimental comic book creation.” —The Oregonian

“A comic book event should get people excited and invite newcomers to join in the fun. Ideally it tries something new and taps into the unexplored potential of the medium. TWISTED ROMANCE is that kind of an event, [one] that breaks from the norm to achieve greatness.” —AV Club

“TWISTED ROMANCE is presenting some of the most interesting and talented creators working within comics today, and what they provide to this collection is representative of just why that is.” —

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