Crime noir returns in David Lapham’s DAN THE UNHARMABLE

by Jeff

MAR120783 Crime noir returns in David Lapham's DAN THE UNHARMABLEMedia Release — Avatar Press proudly announces the upcoming May 2012 launch of DAN THE UNHARMABLE, an ongoing comic book series written by David Lapham, most easily recognized for his critically acclaimed and self-published STRAY BULLETS series. Illustrated by Rafael Ortiz, DAN THE UNHARMABLE follows carefree amnesiac whose happily low standard of living is supported by dangerous odd jobs – a type he’s uniquely suited for, since he cannot be injured or feel pain. The new series returns David Lapham to his crime noir roots, as the invulnerable protagonist is drawn into a modern Hollywood murder mystery involving an old flame and their orphaned kids.

“I had this idea about a guy who just couldn’t be hurt. Bullets, fire, drowning, whatever… nothing can hurt him. But what if that extended to the psychological? Dan doesn’t get riled up if you call him any horrible thing that you can imagine,” says Lapham. “So extending from that, I entered a situation that Dan can’t ignore. Four orphaned kids, their mother brutally murdered in the style of a classic Hollywood murder – even the most hardened man couldn’t ignore this.”

MAR120784 Crime noir returns in David Lapham's DAN THE UNHARMABLEFor the past two years, Avatar Press has happily been the home to David Lapham’s horror tales, including the currently ongoing FERALS werewolf reinvention, the CALIGULA series set in antiquity, and his contributions to the runaway success franchise CROSSED (including miniseries CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES and CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH, plus the record-setting bestseller CROSSED 3D), wherein the world is overrun by madmen.

As a departure from his Avatar horror projects, Lapham attests that the direction of the new series “keeps things fresh.” He adds, “Like those other books, comic book fans can look forward to DAN THE UNHARMABLE as being no-holds barred. It’ll push the envelope. It can and will get brutal.”

As with many of their comic books, Avatar Press will offer different cover editions of each DAN THE UNHARMABLE issue, providing fans and retailers with freedom of choice. All cover artwork for issue #1 will be provided by series artist Ortiz.

DAN THE UNHARMABLE #1 Regular Cover Edition
$3.99 SRP, Diamond Item Code: MAR120783

DAN THE UNHARMABLE #1 Wraparound Cover Edition
$3.99 SRP, Diamond Item Code: MAR120784

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