COVER #6 arrives late but with extra story pages

by Jeff

DEC180545 COVER #6 arrives late but with extra story pagesCOVER #6 will be late, arriving no earlier than March 13. However, with that lateness comes “extra story pages”.

The press release follows:

Media ReleaseCOVER, the genre-bending, critically acclaimed Jinxworld miniseries by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Mack, is heading into its final issue — and now, DC announces that issue #6 will arrive in stores with extra story pages at no extra cost!

“David and I are so deeply grateful to the readers and retailers who have spread the word about COVER,” says Brian Michael Bendis. “We came up with some extra fun ideas for the last issue and we thought the added pages were also the best way to say thank you.”

In this 29-page concluding chapter, it’s an industry dinner in Brazil, and comic book creator Max finds himself juggling his responsibilities as a spy for the United States government and his role as a member of the creative community!

COVER will return next year-but this shocking conclusion will have people talking about what is-and isn’t-true in this “based on a true story” story.

COVER #6 (DEC180545 – DEC180546) is a 32-page issue with a cover price of $3.99, and features an open to order superstar spy variant cover by Jim Lee. This issue has a new in-store date of March 13 and will appear on Final Order Cutoff again on February 18.

dec180546 COVER #6 arrives late but with extra story pages

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