Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?

by Matt Tuck

Modred-300x157 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?Could a Hogwarts reject and a cow-woman arrive in the MCU? Thanks to WandaVision, the door is open to virtually any possibility.


The events of WandaVision appear to be aligning with those from Avengers #186. As of the time of this writing, Episode Seven introduced Agnes’ real identity, Agatha Harkness. This was no shock, since fans had predicted that reveal since the first trailer well before the series premiered. What has caught the attention of many speculators is the mysterious glowing book in her basement/coven. 

WandaVision-Darkhold-300x169 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?Most fans agree that it is the mythical Darkhold, a book of dark magic spells written by the Elder God Chthon. Those same fans foresee Chthon becoming part of WandaVision in one form or another by the series’ conclusion. 

If that is the Darkhold, then it opens a new possibility in the comic speculation market – the early appearances of Modred the Mystic, who could also be a fit for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and perhaps even the introduction of the obscure Bova. 

Avengers-186-197x300 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?WHO IS THIS GUY?

Modred did not begin his days as an evil wizard. Initially, in a turn of events worthy of the One Ring, he wanted to use the Darkhold’s power for good. Unfortunately, Chthon appeared as The Other, and he captured the love of Modred’s life. In exchange for her safety, Modred agreed to give his soul to Chthon (soul interest rates were decent around then, so it was a good time to sell, I guess.) That never works out well for anyone. Well, except maybe for Chthon. 

Centuries later, Modred would reappear in Marvel Universe continuity. In Avengers #186, he captured Scarlet Witch, who was then possessed by the demon Chthon underneath Mount Wundagore. 

Marvel-Chillers-1-191x300 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?MARVEL CHILLERS #1

In comic collecting, it is all about having those first appearances, and Modred the Mystic made his debut during Marvel’s second age of horror comics in 1975’s Marvel Chillers #1. 

With all the WandaVision speculation that has been ongoing since the first episode of the series, practically anything connected to the show has gotten more expensive. This one has not been rising at the same rate as Avengers #186, but it has steadily increased this year nonetheless. 

The highest grade sold in February has been the 9.4. Two years ago, this grade averaged $54. Then last year, it nearly doubled on its way to a $95 fair market value. After WandaVision’s many hints towards the Darkhold and more magic, this issue has done well in 2021. At the end of January, that 9.4 sold for $101. By February 5, it began to break its own records when a copy brought

Bova-art-300x169 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?

$170. Three days later, a new record was set with a $225 sale. That was surpassed on February 12 when another one traded owners for $275, giving it a 90-day average of $167.


If Modred the Mystic does make an appearance in the MCU, then there is the possibility that we could see one of the strangest characters in all the Bronze Age, Bova, who took care of Modred when he lost his sanity. Don’t forget that she also served as the adopted mother of Wanda and Pietro after their mother died, so there is a direct connection to WandaVision that may be explored.Giant-Size-Avengers-1-205x300 Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?

The results of one of the High Evolutionary’s genetic experiments, Bova is basically a cow-woman. She does not play an important role in the MCU, but she could be a fun character to add to a quirky show like WandaVision, though it is a stretch that she will appear in the series. Still, I could see James Gunn or Taika Waititi adding such an odd character to a future installment of Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor

Are you a major Bova fan? Then you should add Giant-Size Avengers #1 to your collection. Of course, she did appear in an issue with the debut of Nuklo. Prices are higher than you might imagine. A 9.8 recently sold for $960, and a 9.4 nearly brought $400 last month. On the plus side, anything from a 9.0 and lower generally sells for under $100.

Are serious about collecting? Then upgrade to a premium membership!

Footer_Upgrade_Premium_12.3.2020_Orange Could Modred and Bova be Added to the MCU?

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