Could this Comic Change Science Fiction?

by Sarah Thomas

111122B-1024x536 Could this Comic Change Science Fiction?The tagline for Arks is: ‘Read the comic that’s changing science fiction’ a punchy statement designed to intrigue and annoy in equal part.

The nerds would say science fiction can’t be changed because it is by its very nature always changing with the times and science that precede it. We agree. But there are a lot of sacred cows in this genre that stay around long after science and reality have moved on. I believe space travel e.g people hopping across the galaxy in spacecraft is one of those sacred cows.

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Maybe it’s stayed around because the reality is depressing.

We can’t leave our solar system. The distances, the physics, the radiation in deep space – the paradoxes a human would experience traveling at relativistic speeds. I get it, I love spaceships too.

But the reality is not depressing, because there is a process that would allow us to migrate to different worlds with near-future technologies. The theory is just so confounding and terrifying that it has remained largely ignored by the culture.

Arks is a comic inspired by this theory, the only current, theoretical method for achieving Extra solar travel. If we are ever to attempt it, it will likely involve a method of space colonisation known as – Directed Panspermia.

These comics have taken 10 years to research and has been informed by the work of Sir Francis Crick (discoverer of DNA), astrobiologist Dr Leslie Orgel and astronomer Carl Sagan.

And we hope to do for Von Neumann probes and Synbio what Gene Roddenberry did for space travel – and open up a new frontier. Then add a pinch of Dan O’Bannon to make it nasty.

Screenshot-2022-11-13-231047 Could this Comic Change Science Fiction?

So if you love confounding and frightening science-fiction you will love this comic.  If Alien, Seven, and Jurassic Park are on your favourite movie list then this comic will blow you away.

One reviewer described Arks as “Ridley Scott’s Alien meets Adam and Eve’ and we have yet to come up with a better sentence that surmises Arks.

Screenshot-2022-11-13-231436 Could this Comic Change Science Fiction?

Returning to Kickstarter for Volume One (the first three issues combined) along with Issue Four, we have just unlocked the storyboards for the next issue and an alternative cover for Volume One (backers can pick between the Sabbath or The Descent cover).

Plus we’ll be releasing more great stretch goal rewards as the campaign progresses – and cool art.

You can find us over on Kickstarter until 1st December 8pm GMT –

Twitter: @ClickyW // Insta:@clickysproutwife

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Warren S November 14, 2022 - 3:33 pm

Awesome!! I’ve been on your Arks Kickstarter campaigns since issue #1. Love them. Really glad you got to promote your work here too.


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