Cosmic Thor

by Matt Tuck

117768_657da6362aeaf60870742eea00e7ae52d4e0532b-197x300 Cosmic Thor

I guess you get tired of living in Asgard and fighting giants who are trying to invade Midgard. Eventually, all mythological beings grow bored of staying in their comfort zone and use their magical hammers to fly off into space and have whirlwind adventures.

And so Thor flies off into the stars and meets up with aliens who look like horses and are surprisingly named Bill. Then Bill takes his hammer and is apparently more worthy than Thor. He also meets an alien riding a magic surfboard. I have to wonder if, deep down, he was a little envious of someone else having a magically charged ordinary item.

Anyway, “Thor: Ragnarok” premiered over the weekend in domestic theaters, and it once again sends Thor into the stars. There’s also Hulk dressed as a gladiator, which is always cool.

In honor of Thor’s latest cosmic adventure, here’s a list of the most popular adventures featuring the protector of Midgard in space.

THOR #337

When the “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer hit, we all noticed that Beta Ray Bill’s horse-like face was plastered on the side of the Grandmaster’s tower. Now that the movie has been released, unfortunately Beta Ray Bill didn’t make it into the movie. There are rumors that he almost was written in as a cameo, but he didn’t make the final cut. Toss in the Bill cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy” (yes, I realized that James Gunn denies that was Beta Ray Bill in the Collector’s museum, but I find it hard to believe that the guy in the Thor-like red cape was anyone else), and it’s a bit of a letdown that he didn’t make it into “Ragnarok.”

If you saw “Ragnarok” and you miss the world’s most famous superpowered horseman, there’s always “Mighty Thor” #337. For the month of October, it’s been one of the most popular comics on eBay. Sales have been up, and “Thor” #337 has risen 58 spots and has cracked the top 100 Hottest Comics in number 66.


Another of Thor’s cosmic adventures is inside the top 100 Hottest Comics as well. “Silver Surfer” #4 is when Thor first met the former herald of Galactus. With “Thor: Ragnarok’s” obvious allusions to the Greg Pak “Panet Hulk” comic storyline, it should be noted that, originally, it was Silver Surfer who was forced to do gladiatorial battle with Hulk. As you can tell by the trailers alone, Silver Surfer versus Hulk has been replaced with Thor versus Hulk. And when it comes to cosmic adventures in the Marvel Universe, it’s hard not to include the Surfer in some facet.

THOR #165

This issue is included for two reasons. First, this is a key cosmic adventure for the God of Thunder. Second, it’s the second full appearance of Him, the golden superpowered being who would later be christened Adam Warlock.

Although Warlock hasn’t made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was alluded to in the after-credits scene in “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two.” Considering Warlock’s importance to the comic version of “Infinity Gauntlet” and “Infinity War,” it’s safe to assume that Warlock will play an important role in the MCU, which will raise the interest in his early appearances in “Thor” and “Fantastic Four” comics.


Thor and Hulk have never been the closest of friends. Over the years, the son of Odin and the green giant have exchanged blows that rocked the entire Marvel Universe.

With the 1980s “buddy cop” feel of “Thor: Ragnarok,” I can’t make a list of comics related to the new movie without including the first time Thor and the Hulk threw down. While it doesn’t have a cosmic setting, it still features the two most powerful Avengers going toe-to-toe, setting the stage for their numerous altercations afterwards. Not only that, but “Journey into Mystery” #112 also gave us the first comic version of Loki’s origin as well as our first look at the Frost Giants. Plus it’s a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby venture, and those are always classics.

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