Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won’t Break the Bank

by Todd Neikirk

012423H-1024x536 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the BankIf you ask the average person to name a superhero, they may say Batman or Spider-Man. But the most popular answer is sure to be Superman. And many collectors would like to get their hands on important Superman comics. The problem is that a lot of important books featuring the Man of Steel are out of the price range of most collectors. Here are some that may not be.

Superman #233 

Superman-233-198x300 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank

In 2022, the comic world lost Neal Adams. The artist was a titan in the world of superheroes both for his incredible talent and his dedication to creator’s rights. Adams did not do too much interior work on Superman comics, but he did draw several covers. The most famous of these is Superman #233.

Ironically, the perfectionist artist did not like how the cover came out. Collectors did, however, and it is considered to be one of his most famous works. A copy of Superman #233 can be had in a CGC 8.0 for around $425.

Superman #199 

Superman-199-200x300 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank

Superman has plenty of awesome powers. People are quite familiar with his ability to fly and his super strength. They are also aware of his heat vision and his freezing breath. In this classic Superman issue from 1967, 15-year-old writing prodigy Jim Shooter explored the Man of Steel’s incredible speed. Speed so incredible, in fact, that he competed in a race against The Flash.

Superman #199 was very popular at the time and long remained a back-issue favorite. I won’t spoil the finish here, so if you are interested, you are going to have to pick up the issue yourself. A nice copy of the book in a CGC 7.0 will set you back $400.

Man of Steel #1 (Special Collector’s Edition)

Man-of-Steel-1-194x300 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank

John Byrne spent a fair portion of the 70’s teaming with Chris Claremont to make X-Men the most popular book on the rack. In the mid-80s, DC brought Byrne along and gave him free rein to reboot Superman in his image. He acted as both the book’s writer and artist.

Variant covers are a pretty common thing today, meant to get both retailers and collectors excited. Man of Steel 1 featured the first known intentional variant. Gem Mint 9.8 copies of this book are available online at just over $100.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 

Crisis-7-195x300 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank

In 1985, DC released than landmark series Crisis on Infinite Earths. In issue 7 of the bombshell series, Supergirl dies while defending her beloved cousin, Superman. Of course, no one ever stays dead in comics, but Supergirl would not appear in comics again for a long time. Kara Zor-El returned to DC comics continuity in 2004.

Thanks to the Berlanti-verse series, Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, there is plenty of renewed in the famed Kyptonian. And that means that plenty of collectors want to get their hands on this classic issue. AC CGC 9.8 copy of the book will set you back around $180.

Superboy #68 

Superboy-68-204x300 Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank

While Superman might not have the rogues’ gallery of Flash and Batman, he has a pretty impressive roster. And the most fun of all of the Man of Steel’s nemeses is Bizarro. While the backward-talking alien began as a villain, he became something of an anti-hero as the character delighted fans.

Bizarro’s first appearance actually came in an issue of Superboy, number 68, which came out in September of 1958. The comic is expensive in high grade, but collectors can do pretty well if they are seeking an imperfect copy. An issue in a CGC 5.0 goes for around $1,100.

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Cool Superman Comics to Invest in That Won't Break the Bank*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Randy W. DeBower January 31, 2023 - 8:53 am

I’m a die hard Silver Age Marvel guy but when it comes to DC, one of THE most iconic comics of the Bronze era has to be Superman #233! It’s right up there with Green Lantern #76. –But why shouldn’t it be, Neal Adams created the most outstanding art of his time! His covers always stood out on the rack! They commanded your attention over all the rest! –And if you were really lucky, the story was drawn by Adams too! I’ve had a NM copy of it since ’93 and it’s value has grown steadily ever since! Supes #233 is a GEM that belongs in all serious collections!!


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