Controversial Comic Collecting

by Ariel Lazo

milgrom-harras-300x150 Controversial Comic CollectingI’m here to bring you a small list of comics whose names can only be heard whispered in the back alley of comic shops. These are the comics that require you to wear gloves because they are just so filthy. Okay so you don’t need gloves but these comics are still considered taboo, with some of them having been pulled off the shelves.

These are comics that crossed the line and were considered to be controversial to the publishers and the public. Some of these are rare to scarce due to being pulled off the shelves but still worth noting and grabbing. Comics are seen as controversial due to various reasons. An example is how Batman Dammed showed the Bat-Dong and instantly became taboo, due to the obvious.

The big question is their value, does it increase it? Does it decrease it? Does it make you want more now knowing that it’s taboo? Should I stop using the word taboo? All this and more answered below!


Controversial Comics


715626_wolverine-131-recalled-racial-slur-variant-197x300 Controversial Comic CollectingWolverine #131 (Recalled Racial Slur Variant)

A mistake made by a rookie letterer places this book on the list. In a conversation that Wolverine is having with Sabretooth, the new letterer mistakenly took the word handwritten by editor Mark Powers, “killer” and misinterpreted it as a slur for Jewish people. Richard Starkings, the letterer’s boss, stated that he was a young kid who even after learning what the word meant still did not understand its meaning. This was pulled off the shelves but due to an early release program for retailers, many issues are still out there in the wild waiting for a new home.

Currently, 9.8 graded copies hold an FMV of $65. A 9.8 CGC copy did sell in February for about $100 but sales have slowly decreased. With all things Wolvie slowly heating up, this might be a good one to own. Long term though I would stick with bigger keys.

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #10 (Recalled Edition)717794_5917ea9862bba70c26df89c7a9c4d2d2ecd52823-198x300 Controversial Comic Collecting

Written by the legendary Frank Miller and art team Jim Lee and Scott Williams, this Batman run had more than one issue. What started out as a monthly book in 2005, took 3 years to release its 10 issues (sounds like Doomsday Clock and Die! Die! Die!). It also has a darker Batman, with him calling Robin “retarded”, stating “I’m the goddamn Batman!”. But still this wasn’t the biggest problem with the series. In issue #10 there is a dialogue bubble that had been crossed out due to offensive and vulgar language. Unfortunately, when the words were blacked out on the computer it didn’t transfer well on paper. The words were still visible in all its glory for the world to see. This issue like the previous one was recalled and edited.

Currently, this foul-mouthed issue at a 9.8, is seeing an FMV of $55 but the Recalled Variant Edition at a 9.8 is going for $170. So if you really want one of these, do yourself the favor and grab the variant.


174185_6329a968a02f8651da1b18cc737062ca4732f73d-200x300 Controversial Comic CollectingUniverse X: Spidey #1

We all love to get revenge or gloat when an enemy is down in the gutter. Some of us even take to social posts to show the world how great it feels when Karma sends you a gift. Others, well, others draw it on to their comics and show every reader how you truly feel about your boss. The famous Al Milgrom did just that. On page 28, panel 3 we can see a message left behind by Milgrom found on the spines of the books on the shelf. It reads, “Bob Harras Ha, Ha, He’s gone, good riddance to bad rubbish, He was a nasty S.O.B.” Well this is one way to express how you feel, but this did come at a cost to Milgrom. Marvel found out about this incident and had the books recalled. Like the other books,  it was part of a First Look preview program that placed it in the hands of retailers before the public, which means there are copies out there.

According to our census, there are a total of 100 CGC copies in varying grades. Thanks to a reader (Daniel) I am correcting my previous information. According to recent CGC sales the book is averaging around $200 for mid-to-high grade. Unfortunately when you look at sites currently selling this recalled copy, it is reaching any where from $2000-$5000 depending on condition and if signed. *Thank you Daniel*


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that all three of these are controversial for different reasons but still worth having. Will the values jump up? I say with Wolverine and Universe X they might and I would jump on them. Of course I wouldn’t overspend either, search for deals. Deals are out there, just have to put a little bit of work in and I promise you it will pay off.

As always, Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!

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Daniel Genest January 8, 2020 - 11:00 am

Universe X:Spidey X Recalled Edition isn’t easy to find and most people who have it know what they have.I never saw it in the wild for cheap as people almost immediately knew about it when it came out.The last 2 sales of 68$ and 50$ that you have in your listings are for REGULAR copies only!!!! Look it up my friend.Disclaimer I have 2 of them as I bought them rom a guy in Montréal when it came out.That book WAS printed in montreal so some people got hold of a few copies and I bought 2.Very happy I did.

Ariel Lazo January 9, 2020 - 8:50 am

You were very smart to grab them when you did! I was thinking of trying to snag one but after reading your comment and checking current sales, it is almost unreachable! But I apologize, you are correct with your information and have fixed the post accordingly. Thank you for the info!

Daniel Genest January 9, 2020 - 5:45 pm

My pleasure! Always happy to help and if/when I’m wrong please do say so too.I love being right (LOL) so when I’m wrong I love being corrected so I can love being right…..again (LOL).We all must learn to listen to each other and you did it well with class.Nobody knows everything and there’s nothing wrong in being wrong……..unless after being proven wrong you continue to say the same exact things.Which CLEARLY isn’t your case!

And by the way I wasn’t as smart as you think as this particular seller was VERY lucky and had (So he said) close to 50 copies of that book as he put an order and received those SOB copies instead of regular ones.Maybe he bragged too much and didn’t had that much to begin with…….but he still had 2 other copies after I took the 2 most beautiful ones.Should have bought ALL 4.Well at least I have 2 copies.Live and learn it seems LOL.

Ariel Lazo January 15, 2020 - 10:44 am

Ha ha ha You sound just like me! And Thank you very much for those kind words! I agree there nothing wrong with being wrong. Admitting fault helps us grow and learn.

Wow, if he did have that many, he is sitting pretty right now! But at least you got 2 copies, still better than none like me (LOL) I would love to talk to Milgrom about that incident and get a signed copy. That would be amazing!

Alan January 8, 2020 - 1:48 pm

Don’t forget about The Batawang that’s out there in DCeased.

Ariel Lazo January 9, 2020 - 8:51 am

Oh trust me I did not forget about the Batwang! ha ha I plan on doing one or two more posts on books like these and Batwang is on that list. Thank you! Any other books or topics you would like to see here?


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