Concert Poster Conversations – A New GoCollect Video Series!

by Katy Trosch

dad-300x169 Concert Poster Conversations - A New GoCollect Video Series!We’ve got some exciting news from the world of concert posters! We’re launching a new video series here at GoCollect. Concert Poster Conversations surrounds the history, value, and rarity of concert posters. These videos will help educate up and coming collectors and seasoned pros alike!

Concert Poster Conversations

Concert Poster Conversations features talks with poster expert Glen Trosch, owner of Psychedelic Art Exchange. In each video, Glen will discuss a specific poster or a topic relevant to poster collecting. As a collector for most of his life, Glen has a wealth of knowledge to share. He’s an expert on value, rarity, and condition. However, he is first and foremost a passionate music fan and has endless music-related anecdotes to share for each band and artist he discusses. Thus, he’s a lot of fun to listen to! These videos are incredibly informative regarding both poster and music history.

New Episodes Coming Every Other Monday

We’ll be releasing new videos in the series every other Monday. In the first video, which is available now, Glen introduces himself and talks about his journey as a collector and about the market for concert posters today. Soon we’ll be releasing videos where he goes in-depth about some of the rarest and most interesting collectible posters. Make sure to subscribe to GoCollect’s YouTube channel and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss any videos in the series, as well as all of our other video content! Make sure to drop us a comment to let us know what you think of each video and tell us what you learned.

Check out the first Concert Poster Conversation today!

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