Concert Poster Collecting Resources

by Katy Trosch

If you’re a collector or lover of concert posters, here’s a list of resources that will help you on your collecting journey!

eric-king_s-book Concert Poster Collecting Resources

Eric King’s Collector’s Guide to Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters, Postcards, and Handbills from 1965 to 1973 by Eric King

This is the ultimate resource for collectors of psychedelic posters. Eric King lays out details about each poster from the Family Dog series, Bill Graham series, The Grande Ballroom, Neon Rose, and the Vulcan Gas Company. It includes information about the events behind the posters, as well as information on how to distinguish between various printings. You can order this directly from King here: 


the-art-of-rock Concert Poster Collecting Resources

The Art of Rock by Paul Grushkin

This book discusses the history of concert posters from Presley to Punk. It features over 1500 posters in full color. It’s an excellent resource for poster collectors and does a great job of tying together the music and art. It tells great stories and helps you understand the art of vintage concert posters. This is a widely available resource wherever books are sold. Check it out on Amazon.



mxp Concert Poster Collecting ResourcesMaximum Plunder: The Poster Art of Mike King by Mike King, Paul Herring, and Shawna Gore

This amazing book features over a thousand posters designed by the legendary Pacific Northwest artist Mike King. It’s an amazing resource for modern concert art. It’s currently out being reprinted! Stay tuned…



The Art of Modern Rock by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King art-of-modern-rock Concert Poster Collecting Resources

The follow up to The Art of Rock, this book explores contemporary concert posters. It features over 1600 posters from over 200 sources, as well as interesting information from various artists. A great resource for modern concert art! You can buy it here.



Rock-Graphics-Originals-Revolutions-in-Sonic-Art-From-Plate-to-Print-‘55-88-by-Peter-Golding-with-Barry-Miles Concert Poster Collecting ResourcesRock Graphics Originals: Revolutions in Sonic Art From Plate to Print ‘55-’88 by Peter Golding with Barry Miles

This book explores psychedelic poster art from its origins to the beginning of stadium rock. It includes bios and portfolios of some of the most important artists of the psychedelic era and even includes some original sketches. It can be bought here.





the-art-of-the-dead Concert Poster Collecting Resources

 Art of The Dead by Philip Cushway

This book celebrates the value of the artwork designed for the Grateful Dead. It features artist bios and essays from individuals close to the scene including Mickey Hart, Greil Marcus, Peter Coyote, and Steven Heller. Check it out here.



dreams-unreal Concert Poster Collecting ResourcesDreams Unreal: The Genesis of the Psychedelic Rock Poster by Titus O’Brien

This book explores the psychedelic music scene in San Francisco in-depth. It’s complete with stories, artist bios, and of course, hundreds of psychedelic concert posters. It’s a great resource that ties the history of the scene with the collectible artwork that we still love to this day. You can purchase it here.



the-art-of-the-fillmore Concert Poster Collecting Resources

The Art of the Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966-1971 by Gayle Lemke and Jacaeber Kastor

This book explores the history of the posters designed for legendary rock promoter Bill Graham’s dance shows at the Fillmore. Definitely an excellent resource for psychedelic concert posters. Check it out here.


Homegrown Concert Poster Collecting Resources

Homegrown: Austin Music Posters 1967 to 1982 by Joe Nick Patoski, Nels Jacobson, and Alan Schaefer

Explore the music scene that came out of Austin, Texas with venues including the Vulcan Gas Company and Armadillo World Headquarters and the posters that came along with it. This includes both psychedelic art and punk art. You can get your own copy here.



The-grande-ballroom Concert Poster Collecting Resources

The Grande Ballroom: Detroit’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Palace by Leo Early

The Grande Ballroom in Detroit was as important to collectible posters as it was to American music history. Its story should not be overlooked! Purchase a copy here.