Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates

by Sarah Thomas

091421D-300x157 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates

As concert poster collecting continues to pick up steam, we will continue to monitor the latest sales of both graded and raw pieces. Did you bid on anything this week? Here’s the latest in Concert Poster Auctions.

Concert Poster Auctions: Results

Latest Results from –

BG 227 Grateful Dead Miles Davis David Singer 1970 Fillmore West Poster sold for 91688a1a-7d80-4157-a449-aac93477c88e_fullsize-201x300 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates$575.00 after 16 bids.

This is an original 1st printing 14 x 21″ concert poster for the Grateful Dead, who appears with the Miles Davis Quintet and Stone the Crows at the Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA from 4/9 – 4/12 in 1970.

With art by David Singer, this image is #227 in the famed Bill Graham/Fillmore series.

Condition: “Medium glossy-coated index stock poster is in excellent (B+) condition; there are a couple of nearly-invisible soft horizontal roll bends (mostly visible from the reverse), along with a bit of light surface wear (mostly a few stray fingerprint smudges along the top border), a 1/8″ tear in the bottom center margin and a tiny handling ding or two hiding within the image area, otherwise it is a VERY nice-looking 1st printing example of this iconic David Singer-designed image from a historic pairing at the Fillmore West.”

Grateful Dead Magic Sam The Bank Torrance AOR 3.92 Concert Poster437d8032-16ed-4a14-8b4b-46db4ba07562_fullsize-212x300 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates sold for $611.00 after 15 bids.

From the seller: “Original 1st printing 15&3/4 x 22&5/8″ concert poster for the Grateful Dead appearing with Magic Sam and Turnquist Remedy at the Bank in Torrance, CA from 12/13-14/1968.

Art by Robert A. Wilson, image is featured in the Art of Rock book on page 283 (plate 3.92).

Thick flat index stock poster is in very good to excellent (B/B+ to B+) condition; aside from a bit of matte burn shadow around the outer border area (about 1″ in from the outer margin on all four sides), a touch of fading to the paper, a stray handling ding or two and a tiny pressure crease in the extreme lower left margin, it is in really great shape overall. Were it not for the matte burn, it would likely rate out a lot closer to near mint, it’s THAT nice.”

Captain Beefheart Rick Griffin AOR 4.125 UC Irvine YELLOW Stock Concert Poster sold for $420 after 6 bids.9f963216-f3d4-47f9-ad9d-de3a52318bba_fullsize-214x300 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates

This is an original 1st printing (early/mid-’70’s California Graphic Exchange) concert poster for Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band appearing along with Portable People at Crawford Hall on the campus of the University of California in Irvine, CA on 11/28/1968 (*show canceled/never happened).

Art by Rick Griffin, image (white stock version) is featured in the Art of Rock book on page 372 (plate 4.125), this is the YELLOW stock version. Dimensions of this piece are 14 x 20″.

“Medium-thin flat vellum stock poster is in near mint to excellent (A-/B+ to B+) condition; other than a few stray soft handling dings here and there and a tiny nip tear in the upper right margin, it is a VERY sharp example of this classic Rick Griffin image.

This particular color stock is MUCH more fragile (and slightly harder-to-find) than the white stock version.”

There’s a lot more to see! Check out all the results from this auction HERE.

Upcoming Concert Poster Auctions:

The HeART of Rock and Roll Auctioning Graded and Raw Posters – Opens Soon

The HeART of Rock and Roll Poster Auction is presented by Sixties Posters, presenting a prime collection of rare posters and handbills available for bidding. Some pieces are rare and have not seen an auction block before, making the result worth analysis by collectors.

There are still nine days left to check out the posters and make your picks. Pieces worth note in this auction:

altamontgreen-198x300 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest UpdatesRare Rolling Stones 1969 Altamonte Raceway Original Poster

After last-minute scrambling to find a venue and get posters printed, Alamonte organizers ended up with just two days to print posters for this event. The Ron Rafaelli back alley photo that appeared a month earlier on the BG 201 & 202 posters was used, and the posters simply listed the venue and date for this free concert.

The total print count is unknown, but it is not believed to be very high. Making preservation even more difficult, the paper stock used was rather flimsy/cheap, and few have survived the years without needing a great deal of repair.

This poster measures approximately 12 1/4″ x 18 3/4″, and remains in very good condition, with a bit of “wear along the lower left edge and a few mild horizontal bends. In 17 years, two of these have passed through here, both yellow. This is the first to come through here that was printed with the green ink. It’s an exceptionally scarce piece.”

The opening bid for this poster is $1,000. 74sept21-1-205x300 Concert Poster Auctions: Grateful Dead & All the Latest Updates

Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane 1967 Original BG 74 Toronto Poster

Collectors don’t need an explanation about what makes this poster iconic.  This is an original/first print BG 74 poster, which was used to promote a series of shows at the O’Keefe Centre in Toronto. It’s also an eye-catching, highly collectible piece.

“The shows took place July 31 – August 5, 1967, and featured the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane & Luke & The Apostles. It was really the first time that Bill Graham took the psychedelic San Francisco Scene “On The Road”. The image, featuring Herb Greene photos of the Dead & Airplane, was designed by James Gardner.”

A did-you-know? from the auctioneer: “Urban legend has it that due to very strict Canadian Customs requirements (and a rather strong dislike of hippies by Canadian authorities), most of the promotional material for these shows was confiscated at border inspection. I have talked with several folks in Toronto that believe that to be the case, as most of the posters known to be posted in the head and record shops were attached to board for display. My guess is that the few that are still circulating through the collecting public today are posters that were never sent to Canada…posters that never left San Francisco (all of the posters for these shows were printed in SF by Tea Lautrec), and given the rarity of the poster, that’s not a very big number of posters.”

This poster measures approximately 14″ x 20 1/2″, and remains in excellent condition. “There were very light tape pulls on the back that have been repaired, and some very small/light tape pulls that have been repaired in the margins (just left of “BILL”, and in the upper right corner). The surface image area has remained untouched.”

Opening bid for this piece is $1,000.

Take a look at all the items available for bids HERE. This auction opens on Sep 23 at 12PM and ends Sun, Oct 03 at 6:00PM. Buyers are welcome to call Jim at 1-863-660-1096 with any specific questions.

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