Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

by Chris Severs

050523B-1024x536 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Fancy serial numbers on dollar bills, coins, stamps, and comics can greatly increase the value of a collection. These unique numbers, often referred to as “fancy” or “special” serial numbers, can add a significant premium to the value of a piece.

But what exactly are fancy serial numbers, and why are they so valuable to collectors?

Screen-Shot-2023-01-30-at-10.18.06-PM-1024x255 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

VeVe Avengers #4 Palindrome NFTs

After my previous GoCollect blog on Mint # Collecting, the feedback was considerable.  Some of it skeptical, but over the past few months, it is clear watching Twitter posts alone that more VeVe & DCNFT users have not only embraced, but are enjoying the hunt for ‘fancy’ numbers.  Since that last blog focused more on ‘historical’ mint # significance, this blog will lean into the other side of number collecting – fancy numbers that may not necessarily have a historical date connection, but are enjoyed for their scarcity or even more simply, their nifty appearances!


Fancy serial numbers are numbers that have a unique pattern or symmetry.  These patterns can include repeating numbers, radar numbers, low numbers and high numbers.  For example, a fancy serial number on a dollar bill might be 12345678, where all the digits are the same, or 12344321, where the numbers are in a repeating pattern.

And it’s a big deal for many enthusiasts.  Check out this YouTube from “Rob Finds Treasure” (137,000 subs) that kinda blew me away how well he knows how to hunt for these…

Screen-Shot-2023-01-30-at-9.38.51-PM Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Bill Searching for Fancy Serial Numbers

THE PALINDROME (OR REPEATER) – One of My Favourite Fancy Mints!

One of the most sought-after fancy serial numbers on dollar bills is the “radar” number, or PALINDROME. This is a serial number that reads the same forwards as it does backward, such as 123321, and is extremely rare. According to the website Paper Money Guaranty, a radar number can increase the value of a dollar bill by as much as 20X its face value.

In the case of dollar bills specifically, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) prints billions of bills every year, where only a small fraction have palindromic serial numbers. According to the BEP, the odds of finding a palindrome number on a dollar bill are about 1 in 100,000.  Look on eBay or Amazon where a $1 bill with a palindrome/radar serial number can sell for 300X its face value or more!

Screen-Shot-2023-01-30-at-9.49.26-PM-1024x322 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Palindrome Dollar Bill on EBay

Similarly, the odds of finding a palindrome number on a coin are also quite low. The United States Mint produces billions of coins every year, with just a small fraction having palindrome serial numbers.  According to the US Mint, the odds of finding a palindrome number on a coin are also around 1 in 100,000.  If you so choose to dig further, there exist communities that get far deeper into this.  EX:

Borrowing from my earlier blog on mint # collecting with respect to PALINDROMES:
“With just 199 per 10,000 numbers, this equates to 398 in a 20,000 comic drop for example.  Considering there may be 500 Secret Rare variants in many VeVe drops, this means Palindrome mints are mathematically more scare than secret-rares, considering the total SR drop amount (note, I LOVE owning SR + palindromes though!) .  The Had-to-Know site has a simple calculator that allows you to determine how many exist per any number total.  Binaries (just 0 & 1 combinations) are even more rare, with only (6) binary & palindromic mints in a 30,000 mint drop (excluding any held by VeVe).  Shoutout to VeVeViking on Twitter who is a master at these and CherryCharts for these awesome (and free) VeVe comic slabs!

The number could also have a repeating pattern, like 23023 or 1212 (“REPEATERS“) and again, are very rare.  According to CoinTracker, a coin with a fancy serial number can increase its value by as much as 50X its face value…or higher.

So, it’s worth noting palindrome numbers are not only rare, but highly sought after by collectors, which makes collecting and holding them even more desirable. As a result, when a palindrome number is found on a dollar bill or coin, it can increase the value of the piece by many times its face value.  Even ETSY has a section for Fancy Mints 

Screen-Shot-2023-05-17-at-11.36.52-AM-300x244 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

ETSY Fancy Mint Bill Finder

Another type of fancy serial number is the “LOW NUMBER,” or serial number below 100. These are considered valuable as they were printed early in the production process and therefore, considered to be more rare.  According to the website CoinTrackers, a low number on a dollar bill can increase its value by as much as 50X its face value.  And by virtue, so too are there those who covet the last mints in a run, say the last 1% of minted assets.  (Conversely, there is also considerable interest growing to “HIGH NUMBERS,” or say the last 10/50/100 minted in a collection…the last off the press so to speak!)


A picture says 1000 (a binary number) words.  As VeViking so perfectly stated in a recent Twitter post,

“The binary system is represented by two digits, <0> and <1> and becomes extremely scarce in a digital asset (NFT) collection.  If you combine a binary number with a palindrome number, it becomes even more rare.  The number <9> is the last digit in a <base10> system, which is the last and the limit of all that is.  In numerology the number <9> has great significance and represents the highest value.”

So, VeViking loves mint hunting for the coveted 1001 that combines all of these qualities into a single mint.  This is one more example of how MINT CHASERS are locking up quality numbers early before mainstream collectors find out!

Screen-Shot-2023-05-17-at-12.20.46-PM-300x231 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

VeVe’s VeViking Showcasing a Binary Palindrome Collection

Screen-Shot-2023-04-27-at-10.58.39-AM-1024x483 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Some of my VeVe Binary Mints

Stamps too, can contain serial or mint numbers with particular meaning by year, type, etc.  From a VeVe perspective, it may be possible for a physical collector to match their assets to a digital collectible mint #, or vice versa now that VeVe is engaging more and more USPS stamp collections, and the buzz of finding a key mint like 1866 Lincoln on VeVe’s USPS stamp would be thrilling.  You can search for physical stamp serial numbers for example, via 

Screen-Shot-2023-01-30-at-10.46.36-PM Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

USPS Digital Collectible Stamps on VeVe

Here are some links you can check out to learn more:



One of the most interesting things happening lately in VeVe digital collecting is the pairing or matching of mint numbers.  Like LCS or garage sale comic hunters of the past, these avid collectors go to great lengths to find, negotiate & acquire specific mints across collectible variants, forming sets of assets that I will say boldly, look OUTSTANDING.  Thinking longer term, these could be visually stunning assets in Metaverse / AR showrooms, with the potential to hold increased value.


Screen-Shot-2023-05-17-at-11.48.02-AM-300x172 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

VeVe VADER Mint Matching

Digital Comics, IMHO are another area where fancy serial numbers will become extremely important and sought after.  Why do I believe this?  Since VeVe made mint numbers not only a factor of the description, but they added a reward to low numbers (additional ‘Master Collector Program’ points for the lowest 5% of mints). 

Thus, the issue has already been solidified.  However, this also makes VeVe itself HIGHLY UNIQUE from the likes of OpenSea or other NFT platforms where most items are sold namely based on their scarcity alone, and this “mint hunting” opportunity should likely interest and generate additional collectors who seek fancy numbers for their showcases.

Screenshot-2023-05-16-094426 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Special Mints were one of the first things I noticed, and whether you care about this or not, there will be those that do, thus creating unique, niche VeVe & DCNFT collecting excitement & market opportunities.  The books shown above were even DIGITALLY SLABBED FOR FREE on the website to enhance the experience further!

Even fans of DC’s new DCNFT comics app marketplace, initially launched WITHOUT mint #’s, found a way to create the new DC WIKI allowing users to look up their mint #’s for use in flexing or potential sales aids!
(Check if you own any DCNFT digital comic collectibles to see what mint # you hold!)

Screen-Shot-2023-05-17-at-12.05.30-PM-254x300 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

Emoprince’s TOS #39 ‘5335 SR Mint; only 33 of 250 SRs / 198 of 10k total are palindromic 

Newer digital collectors may not understand the equalities or intricacies of blockchain minting, but they will understand the added face value and extreme ‘added scarcity’ Fancy Mints represent.  Pairing these with iconic history mint numbers from brands like Marvel, DC, Disney or Star Wars, the potential may exist to see these mints increase in value substantially.  If a $1 palindrome dollar bill with millions printed can 30x – 50x, why not a Marvel Comics #1 with only 60,000 editions?


A fancy, or unique serial number can potentially increase the value of a collection, based simply on its visual appeal or historic significance.  With respect to VeVe (Digital) Collectibles, mint #’s are clearly becoming a collectible’s own “signature,” as they are clearly labelled on the asset (hover over the Tales of Suspense #39 example above, where the ‘5335’ palindrome clearly displays at the bottom), and are now regularly being called out on social posts, adorned in the vaults of app users and will definitely adorn the walls of metaverse showrooms and virtual art galleries.

Screen-Shot-2023-05-17-at-12.01.11-PM-300x250 Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting

VeVe Vault Master Creator

As a new collector, awareness of the potential value of fancy serial numbers outside of just VeVe may be useful to understand the broader significance at play, and to maybe keep an eye out for them in your collection hunts. With a little bit of knowledge and a keen eye, you may just discover a valuable treasure you hadn’t even considered yet, but DYOR and enjoy what you collect, whatever format you ultimately prefer!

Signup_Footer Comparing VeVe Fancy Mints With Real World Number Collecting*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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